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  • US needs strong EU to contain expanding China

    US needs strong EU to contain expanding China

    US President Joe Biden arrives in Europe in a complicated and risky mission to summon allies and put pressure on enemies. And here comes the time for him to prove that he is more than “not another Trump”. Biden's visits, to NATO on 14 June and then the European Union for brief summits, following his attendance at the G7 in Britain, will be more than symbolic.

  • EU fails with Belarus sanctions

    EU fails with Belarus sanctions

    The European Union vowed to launch a new round of sanctions against Belarus linked to the forced landing of Ryanair flight FR4978, which was followed by the arrest of an opposition journalist who was on board of the carrier. The message is simple - no one is allowed to simply hijack an airplane because there could be a political opponent travelling or for another personal reason. The lesson was supposed to be taught to Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko.

  • Pandemic wars vs vaccine diplomacy

    Pandemic wars vs vaccine diplomacy

    The Covid-19 pandemic opened new opportunities both for business and politics. Vaccination roll-out is very far from moving at equal speeds in all countries. The greedy West rushed to stockpile billions of jabs, lock down all ingredients for vaccine production, halt all exports of vaccines and speed up vaccination of its own population. Now the countries that lead the mass vaccination process are mulling Covid-19 passports and a wide range of bureaucracy tools, aimed to switch the pandemic exit into economic supremacy.

  • End of the free lunch

    End of the free lunch

    A large portion of the modern world's wealth has been siphoned away by the Covid-19 pandemic. A logical step to internationally offset that could be the redistribution of global resources. Such actions have been widely supported by the World Bank and the UN, with the two organisations proposing that the biggest winners from pandemic-driven processes share some of their accumulated profits. It is still unclear if and to what extent such an appeal would be heeded as in the real world policies based on logical links are rarely pursued.

  • Trapped in deadly hazard over bitcoin safe heaven

    Trapped in deadly hazard over bitcoin safe heaven

    The Covid-19 pandemic has changed life as we knew it. It has changed values, economies, freedom, etc. Almost all industries suffered from the severe slowdown, caused by the pandemic. Almost, but not all. Sectors linked to the crypto industry enjoyed robust growth. Of course, the crypto economy always means crypto currency.

  • Merry Covid-19 Christmas

    Merry Covid-19 Christmas

    Christmas is approaching overshadowed by pandemic fears across the globe. Do you know the most common inquiry received by the World Health Organisation (WHO)? Millions asked if Santa has taken a vaccine shot. And this is not a joke. The WHO was forced to come out with an official statement saying that Santa is well and untouched by the virus - the opposite would have been dreadful, having in mind Santa's age.

  • Go green and pocket a trillion euro

    Go green and pocket a trillion euro

    The investment and industrial future seems to change its nature and direction as green-related funds step up their efforts to reduce global pollution and boost environmental projects. In the past, we were talking about the romantic ambitions of a bunch of ecological fractions. This stream has evolved and now has a key role in the global industrial governing. A whole new generation of fund managers has taken over the global economy. Today if you do not go green, you won't have the cash to afford to exist on the econ map. Politicians have also paved the way to press whole countries and economic sectors to reduce carbon-related emissions and boost green-related projects.