Archives / 24 November 2017

  • Former State Security agents undermine government

    Former State Security agents undermine government

    Delyan Peevski’s name is dragged into every misinformation out there

    Former agents of the obscurantist State Security agency are coming out of the woodwork in yet another attempt to undermine the government system, doing the bidding of the oligarchs of the Lamb Heads circle. The former political officers Ognyan Stefanov and Iliyan Vassilev are doing some heavy duty of spewing slander and manipulations against key public institutions and the government on a daily basis, to the point of spinning international conspiracy theories. The name of our publisher and nemesis of the oligarchy, MP from the MRF Delyan Peevski, is involved in each of these fake news items.

  • Factory face to combat fake news

    Factory face to combat fake news

    One of the faces of the Bulgarian oligarchy’s factory for media manipulations has been officially tasked with combating the phenomenon of fake news. Journalist Irina Nedeva, chairperson of the Bulgarian affiliate of the Association of European Journalists, was recently appointed as coordinator of the international organisation’s efforts on “countering fake news and propaganda”.

  • Pediatric surgeon sews dolls

    Pediatric surgeon sews dolls

    Snezhana Petrova is a former doctor, who has now turned artisan. After numerous years working in the field of pediatric and abdominal surgery, she retired and found a new calling. Using her medical knowledge, she started stitching up dolls instead of people.