Archives / 22 June 2018

  • South Bulgaria's Black Sea heart

    South Bulgaria's Black Sea heart

    Surrounded by three lakes and the Black Sea, Burgas has rightful ownership of the name “coastal capital of South Bulgaria”. Even though the area was first populated during the pre-historic times, solid evidence of the existence of a settlement situated in the heart of the modern city dates back only to the period of the Ottoman occupation. It is believed that the name of the city is derived from the Latin word for tower “burgus”, often used in its Greek version “pyrgos”. The latter is the name used by the Byzantine poet Manuel Philes (14th century) to refer to the city.

  • Photographer of luminaries

    Photographer of luminaries

    The 5th edition of the Fotofabrika festival will be closed with the exhibition of Felix Nadar, world-known French photographer of the turn of the century period. The exhibition was organised in cooperation with the French Institute in Bulgaria and the National Art Gallery - The Palace in Sofia and staged by Jeu de Paume museum, Mediathek for Architecture and Cultural Heritage, and France's Ministry of Culture.

  • Less rules means happier people

    Less rules means happier people

    It was really beautiful and quiet, actually the perfect environment to grew up as a child. I was constantly biking and hiking through the forest, hanging out at the see, playing soccer from the age of 8, building our own skate ramps and all that stuff. I am really happy that I didn’t grow up in a big city.

  • Artist or technician? Simply Vasarely

    Artist or technician? Simply Vasarely

    The Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza in Spain is presenting a retrospective of the life and work of Victor Vasarely that will remain open until 9 September. Op Art (from optical) emerged onto the artistic landscape almost simultaneously with Pop Art in the late 1950s and forever remained in the shadow of its near-namesake. Perhaps the explanation is that op artists experiment with shapes, colours and spaces, which is closer to design than to fine arts.