Archives / 18 May 2018

  • Where Jesus' eyes follow worshippers

    Where Jesus' eyes follow worshippers

    The “St. John the Baptist” Lopushan Monastery is located in north-western Bulgaria, nestled in the Chip­rovtsi section of the Balkan Range. Believed to have been established back in the 10th century, the monastery was destroyed and restored numerous times during the Ottoman occupation, like most Bulgarian cloisters.

  • I capture obsolete people's faces

    I capture obsolete people's faces

    First of all, I would like to say that the people in question are part of our globalised society. Why gaze at one's navel? The trend I have been noticing of late is that whenever exhibition halls have something to present, it is inevitably connected to our contemporary life. The people I photograph are not on the social periphery.

  • Cultural Heritage praised

    Cultural Heritage praised

    The winners of the 2018 EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards were announced last Tuesday by the Commission and Europa Nostra, the leading European heritage network. The 29 laureates from 17 countries have been recognised for their impressive accomplishments in four different categories: conservation, research, dedicated service, and education, training and awareness-raising. As a contribution to the European Year of Cultural Heritage, this year's Awards put special emphasis on the European added value of the selected heritage achievements.