Archives / 18 May 2018

  • Increasingly loveless Trans-Atlantic marriage

    Increasingly loveless Trans-Atlantic marriage

    Can US and Europe relations still be saved after Trump's Iran deal withdrawal

    Beyond its potentially dramatic consequences for Middle East stability, Trump's 8 May decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal has also damaged the United States' relations with its European allies. France, Germany and the United Kingdom worked with the Obama administration to barter the United Nations-approved Iran agreement in 2015. Now, the three European signatories must figure out how to save that deal and continue working with a US president who has mostly shown them contempt. As a scholar of transatlantic relations who has followed the Iran deal for years, I am frankly sceptical that Europe can manage either.

  • Integration cannot be forced

    Integration cannot be forced

    There is nothing more frightening than a barbarian slave class which has learned to think of its existence as an injustice and is preparing to take revenge, not only for itself, but for all generations. These words belong to the great thinker and philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.