Archives / 15 December 2017

  • Buy-sell exchange rates

    Buy-sell exchange rates

    The oligarchs work in mysterious ways No matter what they do they always end up together. The same holds true for their subordinates. They include the sociologist millionaires Andrei and Kancho. Analogous to the Galevi brothers, these two are called “the kanchos”. Hey too, much like the famous bandits also have no blood relation.

  • Chemical laundry for the oligarchs

    Chemical laundry for the oligarchs

    An occurrence from around fifteen years ago. The association of lawyers in Bulgaria hands out journalist awards for articles published on the topic of law. The name of the winner is announced – a reporter from a boutique daily paper. He comes out, takes his certificate and sits back down. At that moment another name is called out.

  • Gas Affairs

    Gas Affairs

    Gas does not smell in nature. The unpleasant odor of the blue fuel is added technologically in order to prevent accidents, i.e., so that a possible leak in the faucet could be quickly identified before it has burst out. In Bulgaria, however, the gas affairs are vile-smelling. And the stench is always the same, i.e., of money and of influence. And when the billions begin to slip away, the smelly actions of troubled businessmen come in their turn.

  • The ‘TZUM-gate’ Affair

    The ‘TZUM-gate’ Affair

    It was April 19th, 2017, in Sofia. The warm spring day was marked by two important news events: a 650m asteroid was passing dangerously close to the Earth, while, in Bulgaria, the members of the 44th National Assembly were taking their oath of allegiance.

  • The Party of the Blue fuel

    The Party of the Blue fuel

    It was December 10th, 2015. Only a few days had passed since the attempt at a coup made by the troubled oligarchs, Tsvetan Vassilev, Ivo Prokopiev, Sasho Donchev, Ognyan Donev and Grisha Ganchev. The main participants in the coup were sitting with their tails between their legs and the country seemed to expect a period of lull stalemate.