Archives / 10 November 2017

  • Rethinking Europe in the light of 'glob-alone-isation'

    Rethinking Europe in the light of 'glob-alone-isation'

    The US elections, Brexit, the German elections and tensions in Spain are among a series of events in recent months that demonstrate a self-centred discontent with globalisation. This rise of what some now call 'glob-alone-isation' is not going away any time soon. The tendency for nationalism is correlated with a perception among many Europeans that their countries are losing influence in the world.

  • Brexit: Better safe than sorry

    Brexit: Better safe than sorry

    At the last EU Summit in October, as expected, the EU27 did not conclude that the Brexit negotiations had progressed sufficiently to warrant opening the discussions on the future (economic) relationship between the UK and the EU.

  • Contraband independence

    Contraband independence

    It would be understandable if this title sounds controversial to many. After all, how can such a sacred idea as national independence be violated with terms like contraband? But let us go over the facts, or more precisely, the data on the referendum held in Catalonia on 1 October. Some 90.18% of people who went to the polling stations voted in favour of independence. According to the now ousted president Carles Puigdemont and his circle of people this is a crushing number and should silence all opponents of Catalan independence.