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  • Prokopiev pumped millions from Kaolin into his media outlets

    Prokopiev pumped millions from Kaolin into his media outlets

    Offshore companies and undeclared money feed the Fake News Factory

    Offshore companies, undeclared funds and capital flows running against all rules of operating companies traded on the stock exchange lay the financial foundations of the oligarchy's Fake News Factory. This was revealed by the newswire Monitor Agency's investigation into the source of the funds backing the media outlets of the slandering factory created by Ivo Prokopiev's Capital group and supported in its mission by the publications of the other members of the oligarchic clique - Tsvetan Vassilev, Ognyan Donev and Sasho Donchev.

  • BG Charlies for hire

    BG Charlies for hire

    September 2017. On a newsstand at a large hypermarket, along with the serious press there is a pile with a colorful brochures. The people pass it by and do not notice it at all. The brochures are completely alike the discount brochures of the hypermarket, but they are not as shiny.

  • Face for rent

    Face for rent

    A gas romantic – this is how Sasho Donchev is called by his PR Neri Terzieva. Gas romantic or gas baron – Donchev hit the bullseye when he hired the popular and loved television personality. He needed to rent a face and got a good one.