Yordan Tsonev: The PM faces up to the crisis

Yordan Tsonev

As head of the executive branch, PM Boyko Borissov copes with the management of this crisis very well. This assessment was made in an interview of Yordan Tsonev, the deputy floor leader of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms to the Panorama programme of the Bulgarian National TV.

He admitted that he often criticised Boyko Borissov throughout years but underscored that the Prime Minister has demonstrated he can manage the acute stage of the crisis very well. At the same time he called on Head of State Rumen Radev to reconcile with the critical remarks addressed to the state administration in times of pandemic and crisis.

“Mr President, let’s make use of the MRF equation – criticism in brackets, agreement before brackets as long as the crisis lasts,” Tsonev appealed to the President.

Asked how he would comment on the reshuffle in the top management of the Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) Tsonev explained that BDB has 30% capital adequacy ratio (CAR) while the average CAR of other banks is only 19%. To a question whether it means that he supports Stoyan Mavdrodiev Yordan Tsonev said: “This is not support for Mavrodiev. This is the business of the state.” 

Commenting on the crisis Tsonev cited one of King Solomon’s sayings, “Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord and he will repay for his deed.” 

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