With four fakes against Delyan Peevski: State Security agent Sasho serves the oligarchy

Iliyan Vassilev

State Security agent Sasho has lost control. Iliyan Vassilev proved to be nothing but an expensive call girl. He behaves as if he is strolling along the streets of Bangkok handing out his business cards to clients, in our case these are the indicted oligarchs to whom he renders media services and offers Facebook massages with some extras.

Of course, he posted a total of four fakes targeting lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski on the social network and even lamented over the gold rhyton from the illegal collection of gambling tsar Vasil Bozhkov.

Actually, agent Sasho was activated in order to cover up the shady affairs of fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev, but now he is trying to get onto the bandwagon of fraudster and thief Vasil Bozhkov. The reason is that the Bulgarian Madoff is apparently running out of money and has downsized the tranches he used to send to Sofia. This is also the reason why Sasho's colleague, agent Academician, who poses as the founder of the Frognews website but in fact is only a spokesperson for Tsvetan Vassilev, is still disseminating the fakes generated by Sasho using some political Kama Sutra and - especially - the techniques of manipulation.

Sasho has got himself so much carried away by his new role that he even surpassed in stench his guru, Osman Oktay. The mothballed fringe politician was a State Security agent as well, only - in contrast to Sasho who was the informer of the foreign political intelligence of the totalitarian regime (the First Main Directorate of the State Security) - Oktay used to work for the regime's political police under the blistering communist codename, Ognyan.

The mainstream media machine of indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev always opens its closet and takes him out of mothballs whenever the affairs of the oligarchs have to be swept under the carpet so he can present them as angels on the earth and, most of all, as victims attacked by the “evil state”. Only Oktay, who pretends to be an eminent analyst coming from the world of State Security, is so much intoxicated by mothballs that his consciousness is seriously dimmed. This is quite evident from the tall stories he spreads on Frognews.

Conspiracy theories overheat the minds of the two agents, it is a mixture of facts and events, but most of all of open manipulations. The duo spreads fakes on social networks also via the sites of the Fake News Factory as, for instance, in the case of Frognews, and they are trying to legalise these lies and wrap them in some kind of “authenticity”. After all, both used to work actively and dedicatedly for the communist-era State Security, which has lowered their personal hygiene standards to the level of the website where both realise their ambitions.

Sasho is a master of manipulations and a seasoned secret agent. He became one of the first defenders of scam artist Tsvetan Vassilev. Once, he even announced that there was no gap in the accounts of CorpBank. Put in other words, the Bulgarian Madoff has not syphoned off BGN 5.6bn from CorpBank, which was functioning as a financial pyramid. Apparently, Sasho sensed the smell of fresh money and fell head over heels in love with gambling oligarch Bozhkov.

Not only double-dealing is typical of secret agents like Iliyan Vassilev but also shattered illusions. It is amazing how once he swore allegiance to the State Security “for ideological, moral and political motives” because he was raised in this spirit, and how now he tries to pose as a pro-Western activist. And how in 2019 he tried to pose as a dissident because his “case history” before 10 November 1989 has been erased. Haven't the agents attempted to cover up their traces and ties with the State Security as well as their role during the transition to democracy when they used to pull the strings of power?

Later on Sasho, just like most of his colleagues, changed his colours and turned into an ardent anti-communist. He even managed to win the heart of Ivan Kostov who appointed him ambassador at a place no less than Moscow.

As we have already written, the careful read of his personal file shows that Sasho was one of the most valuable secret agents of the First Main Directorate of the State Security. He was protected by the Directorate's top secret electronic system, Vega, reveal the documents declassified by the Commission for Dossiers, a copy of which Telegraph Media obtained. He used to spy on the UK and collected valuable information about NATO, the US and the UK. He is among the informers who are now the mouthpieces of Prokopiev, the Bulgarian Madoff and Bozhkov, and are trying to cover up their bosses' shady affairs and thefts, and are tirelessly teaching us how to live. Sasho is part of the “red nomenklatura” and the State Security agents who used to pull the strings during the country's transition to democracy with the sole purpose of staying in power, albeit behind the scenes.

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