Who produces fake news about Peevski –Agent Nikolay or Agent Stefan of former State Security

Oligarchy activated MP Georgi Markov from the former State Security’s matrix aiming to divert the public attention from Vassil Bozhkov

This week a significant thing happened in the State security’s matrix. The latter obscure totalitarian service, which has turned into an army of the oligarchy in Bulgaria, activated a new agent now to spread insinuations against MP and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski.

Georgi Markov - a former judge at  the Constitutional Court  and presently GERB lawmaker - produced a fake news item of how the defeated individuals would rule us and how, very nearly, Delyan Peevski could be a prime minister without riots like in 2013. He cynically added: "Isn't he a Republican donor?"


At the State Security service

Thus, the agent Nikolay - a man of the sixth and proven informer - joined the chorus of the mainstream media machine belonging to the indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev. The behind-the-scenes clique is very nervous by the fact that Peevski is among the most generous donors in the fight for saving lives against the coronavirus. This is a huge thorn in the side of the oligarchy, which did not give a single penny in this campaign. Former PM Ivan Kostov's darlings are also very worried also about the fact that Peevski is among the supporters of the idea for creating a parliamentary inquiry commission, whose purpose to be the investigation of the shady deals during the transition to democracy and especially, how Ivan Kostov sold Bulgaria for cents on the dollar to his darlings.

Georgi Markov is activated also in order to divert the public attention from Vassil Bozhkov, who defrauded the treasury with BGN 700m. It is well known that Markov and Bozhkov are close friends. No wonder at all that Facebook post of the agent in question was circulated immediately on Frognews. The latter fake news website, “competently” run by Ognyan Stefanov - a State Security agent under the alias Academician, has recently joint Ali Baba from Dubai, as obviously, the transfers coming from Belgrade in the person of Tsvetan Vassilev - the pharaoh of the CorpBank pyramid - have apparently decreased recently.

Who is speaking on behalf of the former State Security? "This applicant has a good common culture, he is modest in nature and he can adapt well to unfamiliar environment, where he gains trust and respect," is written in 1972 for Agent Nikolay by the Sofia City Directorate of the Ministry of Interior - State Security.



He was instructed during his training to keep in complete secrecy his relations with the services of the State Security as well as the issues related to his regular attendance of meetings.

After 10 November 1989, Georgi Markov joint the so-cold “blue idea” for establishment of democracy in Bulgaria and he was a MP in the Seventh Grand National Assembly and in 36th National Assembly on the part of the Union of Democratic Forces. In the first years of the transition, similar to all State Security agents, he was one of the most active anti-communists with a great media coverage. He coined the phrases "we'll hold elections until we win" and "clown of the right wing" which were very much liked by the hardliners in the Union of the Democratic Forces (former leading right-wing party - editor's note), led by Philip Dimitrov at that time.

As early as 1992, rumors were circulating that there was a file for Georgi Markov in the State Security’s archives under the alias Nikolay. He was constantly denying that fact. Later, he was elected as a judge of the Constitutional Court from the quota of the former President Zhelyu  Zhelev and he was showing off that this fact only proves that he has not a murky past as an agent. However, during his 2006 presidential campaign, the Monitor newspaper revealed him.


Documents were published on the pages of our media, which present the personal file of the informer Nikolay and which tell that he has been an agent of the former State Security Service since 1972. A timid attempt was made for disclosure of the files, but Markov was among the most active persons, which made the Constitutional Court take the fatal decision that the registration cards of the totalitarian secret service were not prima facie evidence for establishing affiliation with the repressive apparatus.

Ultimately, the new Dossier Commission brought to light the activity of the communist-era secret agent Georgi Evdokiev Markov by three decisions, namely: № 4 of 21 June 2007, № 10 of 25 July 2007 and № 14 of 4 September 2007. His activity was revealed initially in the counter-intelligence Second Department of the Sofia City Directorate at the Ministry of Interior in "Preparation for escaping abroad" direction, and later on in the political police of the totalitarian regime - Sixth Directorate. In the period 1971-1976 Georgi Markov worked for the State Security Service as an agent under the two aliases - Nikolay and Stefan.

After the first decision, Markov behaved quite impudently. Instead of repenting himself, he denied again that he was writing reports. However, the commission's second decision fixed him. It was announced about information in another file from Agent Nikolay about so-called “Grasshopper” – a person, who is a subject of operative case. It is about a student, Markov’s friend, who wanted to escape from the communist Bulgaria abroad. The report was approved on 7 December 1972 under the direction "Preparation and escape from the People's Republic of Bulgaria".



The following documents for Nikolay are kept in the archives of the Dossier Commission: template card No 4; registration book; personal file № IA-23070; documents from the official who was in charge of his case - proposal for recruitment, report of recruitment, registration form for card-index as a secret affiliate; a protocol for destruction № 76 of 18 June 1990 of operative file № IP-7746. By the last destruction, the State Security has hidden how many reports and how many human destinies were spoiled by Agent Nikolay. The operative file itself was destroyed immediately after the second round of the first free elections, when Markov becomes a member of the Seventh Grand National Assembly on the part of the Union of Democratic Forces list.

In April 1975, Nikolay was transferred to the Sixth Directorate of the State Security – Second Department "Combating ideological diversion among the foreign students." It becomes clear from the documents, that his capacity was over because he was used for exposing of "Grasshopper" case and he reported data on people planning to escape from our country. As a head of department in the Institute for Foreign Students, he worked against foreign students. “The individual provided interesting data on them, which were sent to Sixth Directorate” indicates one of the archival documents.


Operative file

A year after he was transferred to the Sixth Directorate, his personal and operative files were archived on the grounds that the agent had graduated his higher education and he was leaving his position. The document states that the materials about him were archived, without signing a "declaration for terminating his relations with the State Security services". However, it is written there: "The person will be found if necessary." What happened actually yesterday with his new fakes item, spread at the dictation of the oligarchy in order to divert public attention from the Dubai plunderer?

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