When thunder strikes with Soros, echo fades …with Prokopiev

Ivo Prokopiev

Forty in number. This is the number of the books about Donald Trump just since the time, when he was elected president of the US. Most of the publications are objective biographies, while the rest are openly attacking Trump, and their overall number is impressive. Moreover, these 40 books are just some of the dozens of publications over the years, about the current US president and a candidate for election in the second term of presidential elections in the White House in November.

However, if you look at the mainstream media machine outlets of the indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev, you will get the impression that there are only a few books. Precisely those books, which are part of the direct campaign against the US President. Thus, after only two weeks’ time, the (anti) Bulgarian service of Radio Free Europe, occupied by former staff of Prokopiev, made an openly tendentious advertisement of the book of the former Trump’s adviser John Bolton, not mentioning even the US President’s position that the author is a "liar".
Today Dnevnik media outlet keeps it going, covering so "objectively" the next epistolary blow against the US head of state. This time the author is president’s niece - Mary Trump, who wrote a "portrait of the poisonous family" describing "nightmarish traumas, destructive relationship and a tragic combination of neglect and violence", according to the mouthpiece of Prokopiev's manipulation media machine – Dnevnik outlet.

What is it really about? In the case of Mary Trump, it is about a family war, as it becomes clear from the essays in the American media. They describe in detail that the gap between the 55-year-old daughter of the deceased Donald Trump’s brother - Fred, and the rest of the family, occurred in 1999 when she was dissatisfied with the division of her grandfather’s property between the heirs. For this reason, she started a legal fight against the rest of the family, which ended in 2001 with an internal agreement. Signing it, by the way, Mary has committed not to give publicity to any details of her family's life, according to revelations of Donald Trump himself. Well, it seems that the mercantile option to make a profit in the election campaign against her uncle prevailed over the then promise, as the book is to be published at the end of July.

However, these details you will not find in Dnevnik's advertisement. If you wonder why the Bulgarian edition deals with the epistolary war against Donald Trump at all, then, as illogical as it sounds to the reader, the explanation lies again in the US election campaign. We say "illogical" because there is no a normal explanation for  this unhealthy interest and frankly bias of the Bulgarian "businessman" Ivo Prokopiev, who makes his media outlets publish his talking points and thus taking sides in an overseas dispute. On the contrary, it sounds ridiculous.

In the case of Prokopiev, however, ethics has long been in the corner in order to be displaced by media, conducted by him, for serving his private interests. These media are tied to one of the main opponents of the US president and a key sponsor of the US Democrats, namely the billionaire speculator George Soros. It is not a secret, that the defendant in financial crimes Ivo Prokopiev is a major follower, who implements the political engineering in our country, realised by George Soros worldwide. He is also a major beneficiary of the grants allocated by the NGO network of the billionaire speculator above. In a kind of misunderstood service, Prokopiev instructs his mainstream media outlets to proclaim everything that serves Soros in his war against Trump, which has become particularly bloody in the recent months because of the US election campaign, which was launched already. Apparently, Ivo Prokopiev is looking for indulgence and hoping that he will be able to escape retribution for his crimes once again.

While we are looking for an answer to the question - what feeds his illogical hopes, given the fact that Prokopiev is a defendant in financial crimes in one case and he is indicted of money laundering in another one and the Commission for Illegal Assets Forfeiture requested the forfeiture of his property worth over BGN 200m, since these assets were illegally acquired, we have to note that in his perseverance to "cringe before" his mentor George Soros, he reached new absurdity levels. By giving a command to Radio Free Europe (RFE) even, which is occupied by his former employees, but which is financed by US Congress funds, to take part in the anti-Trump campaign. It is the same Donald Trump, who was democratically elected by American voters, from whose pockets actually the millions come to support the RFE network around the world. It sounds absurdly, right? But this is the reality. That is the ugly reality, as according to the ethical charter of all media funded by the US Congress, including RFE, their journalists must provide the readers with objective information representing all points of view. Not to tendentiously report the Democrats’ fight against Republicans in the US, presenting only the point of view of Democrats. As well as to push the biased point of view in favor of the indicted oligarchs, when covering the fight of the Bulgarian society to get rid of behind-the-scenes clique in our country, as it has been done since the (anti) Bulgarian service of RFE was restarted in our country . Yet another example of today, when in its regular podcast a person of the Bulgarian team and a former employer of Prokopiev in another media outlet, pushes namely his talking point that he was tried for a "statement" on the EVN affair and if he would be put on trial, this could be a blow to the freedom of speech. We are talking about the same affair, for which evidence was given in the courtroom by experts and which damaged the state budget by tens of millions of leva, because a company owned by the Razgrad boss has manipulated the sale of the state's minority stake in EVN by reducing the prices in favor of the buyer. This is a financial crime, which has nothing to do with the freedom of speech. Apart from the fact, that Prokopiev uses freedom of speech as a shield against his tricky deals. Namely, these deals cost to all our pockets millions of leva because of inflated electricity prices, and the same deals cost some people’s lives as well.

Apparently, the team of the Bulgarian RFE service does not want to see these affairs, where their boss is involved. It blindly follows Ivo Prokopievs’ talking points.

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