When the hinges of “Dragalevtsi’s suitcases” start creaking*

It becomes scary when the hinges of “Dragalevtsi’s suitcases” start creaking (editor’s note – “suitcases” mean the process of streaming of money to people, faithful to the former communist system). Dirty secrets and even dirtier little men emerge from the dust.

When the hinges of “Dragalevtsi’s suitcases” start creaking, a gathering is mastered on the square. The hinges may have become rusty, but the dollars are still as green as they were 20 years ago. And you can buy everything with them – official services, human consciences and destinies. “Dragalevtsi’s suitcases” keep many stories - about bandit privatisations and about the first accumulated millions of many oligarchs. Of all the oligarchs in our country. They keep the terrible stories about ultra right-wing cabinets, where the dark shadow of a Commander lines up governments, allocates cash, trains pawns ... Who then walk at a brisk pace, both on TV channels and red carpets, on the yellow cobblestones as well (the pavement in front of the Parliament), shouldering the next slogan written in the Dragalevtsi’s basement.

“Dragalevtsi’s suitcases” keep the sinister truth WHO holds the secret services in our country and how they drain their secrets - whether to keep them in the closet as a "future" insurance or to pass them over to the Kremlin fellows it does not matter. The conquered state, which is twisted in the sucking web of Dragalevtsi's mysteries, is the ugliest part of the failed transition to democracy in our country. The same transition supposed to free our lives from the long arm of the former State Security and its derivatives. Instead, today the heirs (not only sons, but also views) are leading another color revolution, hoping in a hidden way that this time they will return to the real power - not just pulling the strings behind.

“Dragalevtsi’s suitcases” keep the secrets of shadowy individuals like Vasil Bozhkov and Tsvetan Vassilev, like the polished figures woven by left communist threads coming from some gloomy times like Ivo Prokopiev, Sasho Donchev and Ognyan Donev. They know everything about them - how the talented child turned from a simple scribbler into a successful businessman holding newspapers, carrying financial companies and a lot of kaolin in his pocket, which he cashed in very quickly. When you have a price, there is always someone to buy you. Like Prokopiev's journalists, who will bear the stamp of "props" for the rest of their lives, pledged against another loan, which the oligarch will not repay, but he will prefer to flee abroad. In Singapore, Belgrade or Dubai? It does not matter. The important thing is to hide in a warm place and as far away from justice as possible. You can ask Vasil Bozhkov, who orders over the phone for who to bleed the protests, who to be shot and who to be pardoned. Moreover, he orders whom the president Rumen Radev should select as a minister in his caretaker government, which the oligarchs dream for, turning the headquarters of President’s administration into their own residence.

When the hinges of “Dragalevtsi’s suitcases” start creaking, turn on the TV and if you see the figure of the wooden man Hristo Ivanov, just listen. The Commander and his infants talk through his voice and they have something to fear about. Moreover, they have a reason to usurp the power - to legitimise themselves, to employ the Bulgarian people and to deal with their own enemies.

You know who they are - the target of this "selected" circle is anyone who dares to recall the “Dragalevtsi's suitcases”. The mafia pick does not forgive when you talk a lot, much less, if you write a lot. Because what is written remains – it is not like deleting your biography from the internet. That is why Delyan Peevski is an enemy №1. Who is this who affords himself to tell the truth and his media to publish it and spread it in order to reach everyone? It is very clear that he must be publicly removed. TV lynching has always been a tool for these people because they know well that a person, who is covered with mud, is much less possibly to be heard. That's why they throw mud. Just look around at whom they throw it and remember that always a reason is there. The same reason, kept in “Dragalevtsi's suitcases”, which many people want to bury forever. That's why they want to grease the hinges and to ensure solid locks of their secrets by crushing anyone who dares to demand opening of those suitcases.

If someday the Dragalevtsi head office is destroyed, do you know what you will discover there? The ghost of our transition to democracy period - by days, by hours and by the millions allocated.


* Dragalevtsi is a Sofia district, where the former PM Ivan Kostov, called the “Commander” resides.

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