Welthungerhilfe: Syria facing worst hunger crisis to date

Photo: Syrian children who fled with families the conflict areas arrive at Bardarash refugee camp, in South of Duhok, Kurdistan region, Iraq. EPA

After 10 years of civil war, Syria is suffering from its worst hunger crisis to date, according to the German aid organization Welthungerhilfe.

An "alarming record" of 12 million people do not have enough to eat - almost 60% of the population - the non-government group's Syria coordinator Konstantin Witschel told dpa.

The humanitarian situation in general deteriorated over the past year with refugees particularly affected.

"The situation in camps is terrible," Witschel said, after visiting the northern Syrian city of Asas.

He said nearly all supplies in refugee camps were lacking and the winter temperatures and heavy rain were further affecting people's conditions.

"During our visit, we met 30 children who only wore sweaters and sandals in six or seven degrees Celsius," he said.

The decline in the Syrian lira had tripled food prices, Witschel added.

The severity of the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic could not be cushioned, with many people only being able to afford half of what they need for minimal surivival.

Syria's civil war started with peaceful pro-democracy protests in March 2011. It soon evolved into a full-blown conflict, drawing in foreign fighters and powers.

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