We see in a fateful year

It is time to make choice: whether we will continue fostering hatred or will work towards a better world

The incoming year will give us our last chance to make our choice. We will either decide to stay in the old world with its old order and practices and on a low spiritual level or will choose the path of conscience and evolution and ascend to a higher level of spirituality.

On 21 December we’ll see Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in the first minutes of Aquarius. Then the portal to the Age of Aquarius will be wide open. The wheel of fate will turn and the 12th hour will strike for making changes. The Earth, like any other living creature, will change its strategy and tactics. We see how seismic activity has been growing in recent years and the alignment of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in 2020 will enhance this inner activity of the Earth’s heart on fine-vibration levels which in the material world will be manifest in growing volcanic activity. Volcanoes have always been associated with changes.

It may be no accident that we use the phrase “to be assailed by an eruption of changes.” I do not expect that something bad will happen but the world stands no chance of being not divided. We all see how recently the family members, brothers and sisters simply drift away from each other. They make their own karmic choice and either move it up a level or remain on the old one and so the family ties are severed. The old saying “blood is thicker than water” doesn’t hold true any longer.

Nowadays water turns into blood, we grow close withperfect strangers whilst blood turns into water and we get alienated from our kin and family. The patriarchal ties of old become loose and are washed away by the stream of time. We also see that as of late the earthquakes have stayed away from Bulgaria as if our country is a safe haven of the future. It is not by chance either that in the coming year Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will be in conjunction in Capricorn, which is the sign guarding the soul of Bulgaria.

Maybe we, the people of Bulgaria, are those who will become the trigger of changes. We see that the Bulgarians scattered across the world are high achievers and how much is said about our country. One way or another this year we will carry the torch of changes. How could we describe the upcoming changes more pictorially? Immediately after the Magi Feast and after the Saint John the Baptist Day come 10 and 12 January that will be very special.

Five planets will align in opposition to Mother Moon on 10 January while on 12 January at 9,52 Greenwich time the herald of gods Mercurius will be in conjunction with Saturn. Saturn is the symbol of Chronos, of the time which expires. Saturn is a planet of karmic trials. At this moment Saturn calls for an audience the gods’ herald and gives him secret instructions. The conjunction Mercurius-Saturn is associated with mysteries, the military and the network which keeps under total control all of us. At this moment this network is activated, there will be clear or masked revelations concerning machinations or military plans. With karmic instructions in hand Mercurius goes straight to Pluto and at 10,13 on 12 January they meet and Mercurius and Pluto align. Pluto is the symbol of Hades, the king of the underworld and human karma created throughout centuries.      

Saturn is Chronos, time which expires, and Pluto is the one who gives everyone his due, be it reward or punishment. So, these two will meet at 4,22 p.m. on 12 January. Pictorially we can describe it as the time when the gates of the created karma will open up. The law, according to which the punishment for bad karma is passed down to the 10th generation, becomes invalid. From this moment on each of us will pay in person for the deeds in this life and maybe immediately after the deed is done.

On 10 January, there will be an alignment of planets which are the harbingers of change, then 5 oppositions will occur. The Moon will be in consecutive opposition to Jupiter, Sun, Mercurius, Saturn and Pluto. Moon is the symbol of motherhood, the crowd, women and children. May the fate behave like a mother who punishes her children with lessons to learn instead of destruction.

This full moon will coincide with a moon eclipse which may forebode seismic events within 10 days in places where the moon casts its shadow. On the level of fine vibrations, the volcano of changes that are in store for us in 2020 will come into motion. The gong of the supreme divine justice will sound three times this year, at the moments when Jupiter, the planet of law and justice, will be in conjunction with Pluto. These conjunctions fall on 5 April, 30 June and 12 November. Circa these dates amendments may be made to the laws which have a fundamental effect on our lives here on this blessed plot of land. And if the powers that be do not make changes to the benefit of the people the supreme powers may challenge us.

This year each of us has to decide which side of the divine forces to take. Whether we will go on fostering hatred and aggression towards others or will work towards a better world where God’s love will guide and protect us.

May the year 2020 bring us changes along with peace and love!


Neda Ivanova graduated from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” where she studied physics. In 1990 she was awarded the diploma of astrologist. Currently she writes astrological prognoses for the publications of Telegraph Media.

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