Violent protests in US for sixth consecutive night

Despite curfews and National Guard, demonstrators took up the streets

For sixth consecutive night violence broke out across the US as protesters took up the streets despite curfews imposed in many cities, news wires reported. Clashes in Boston and Washington, D.C, , a tanker truck hitting protesters in Minneapolis, and looting in Southern California were among the many recorded incidents.

National Guard troops were deployed in 15 US states and Washington, D.C. in attempt to return the situation to normality, but nevertheless the violence went on. “I hate to see my city like this but at the end we need justice,” said 18-year-old Jahvon Craven as he stood on an overpass watching protesters in downtown Minneapolis moments before an 8 p.m. curfew went into effect in that city, Reuters reported.

Authorities imposed curfews on dozens of cities across America, the most since 1968 in the aftermath of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr, which also happened during a presidential election campaign and amid the upheaval of anti-war demonstrations.

In Santa Monica, upscale stores were looted along the city’s popular Third Street Promenade before police moved in to make arrests. The vandalism followed a largely peaceful march. Further south, in the Los Angeles suburb of Long Beach, a group of young men and women smashed windows of a shopping mall and looted stores before they were dispersed ahead of a 6 p.m. curfew.

In Washington, D.C., protesters set fires near the White House, the smoke mixing with billowing clouds of tear gas as police sought to clear them from the area. Sporadic violence broke out in Boston following peaceful protests as activists threw bottles at police officers and lit a cruiser on fire. Philadelphia announced a 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew after a day of protests and looting.

In Minneapolis, a tanker truck drove into a throng of demonstrators on I-35s, which had been closed to traffic. The driver was pulled from the cab and beaten by protesters before being taken into custody by Minneapolis police. It did not appear any protesters were hit by the truck.

The demonstrations brought out a diversity of people, a point one young black woman noted at a march in Culver City, California on Sunday. “It means a lot to see people other than black people joining the demonstration,” said Candace Collins. Protests also spread around the globe, with events in London and Berlin on Sunday and others on Monday including in New Zealand, Australia and the Netherlands.

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