Verses by Attilio Bertolucci in Sofia's subway

The Italian Cultural Institute (IIC) in Sofia, Bulgaria, will take part in the fifth edition of the initiative Poetry on the subway. It is an EUNIC event that makes the works of the greatest European poets known to passengers on the Sofia subway. Until 20 December, the verses will be present in the subway cars, in their original language and in Bulgarian.

IIC participates in the project with Attilio Bertolucci's poem Love.

The moon crowned with daisy

laugh in vague infirm eyes,

Silver roe deer

they joke in the clearing of the sky.

Flowers stain with blood…

Oh far, far, in this night,

like a ship with its sails

in the dark sea…

But soon time will come

arid and melodious poppies,

and you'll be back

already woman.

Attilio Bertolucci (1911 – 2000) is Italian poet, literary critic and translator. His verse is noted for its lyric accessibility. He is father of Bernardo and Giuseppe, noted Italian filmmakers.

The official inauguration of Poetry on the subway will take place on 17 November at 13.00pm, in the St Kliment Ohridski Sofia University subway station, at the entrance from the Eagle's Bridge.

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