Vasil Bozhkov confesses for contract killings and threats to Peevski

The gambling boss hiding in Dubai shed light on his relations with President Radev, it became clear why the latter removed the NSP guard of the lawmaker

Vasil Bozhkov

Vasil Bozhkov, known as the Bulgarian El Chapo, exposed himself as a mafia boss via Facebook post, which guaranteed him a long stay behind bars. After sending Sicilian style messages to prosecutors, who are investigating him, the gambling boss with 19 felony charges confessed that he was behind dozens of crimes and contract killings of enemies, who are inconvenient for him. In another pasquil, Bozhkov, who is hiding in Dubai, in a typical mafia way threatened again to the lawmaker from the opposition party Movement for Rights and Freedoms and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski. 

On Thursday morning, in a Facebook post Bozhkov was threatening and slandering Peevski, as well as fabricating non-existing ties in his attempt to preserve his treasury collection from investigators. Thus, El Chapo himself shed light on his relationship with President Rumen Radev, who is obviously working for the same oligarch. It became clear from Bozhkov's publication that his warm relations with Radev were decisive for the president to remove the National Service for protection (NSP) guard from MP Delyan Peevski thus making him an easy target for El Chapo and his mercenaries.

However, in order to understand Bozhkov's next yell, it is important to recall the facts, which are quite sinister. Bozhkov is defendant for 19 crimes, including financial fraud, evasion of BGN 700 million in gambling fees, as well as orders for killing people with the initials MV, YD, AP and BS. Ten days ago, 35 of the most trusted bandits of the bloodthirsty boss Vasil Bozhkov were arrested during a large-scale special operation of the Prosecutor's Office and the Ministry of Interior. The main group was detained in Sofia, but there were arrests also in other towns across the country. Thirty-eight locations were searched and material evidence was seized, the Specialised Prosecutor’s Office announced. Prosecutors supervising the pre-trial proceedings are yet to decide which of those arrested individuals shall be imposed criminal liability and on what charges. Most of them are former cops from the Ministry of Interior and the NSP and former military berets who played the role of guarding the gambling boss. Others were fictitious bosses of companies associated with Bozhkov.

About a month ago, in a similar large-scale operation, two other of El Chapo's most loyal people were detained - Slavcho Markov and Vesselin Baltov. It was namely Baltov who committed the assassination against Manol Velev, according to a witness. Then it also became clear that Bozhkov had ordered the killings of Alexey Petrov, MP Delyan Peevski and a woman living in Switzerland.

However, despite all these ominous facts, Bozhkov kept comfortably silent again today on some other very important issues. For example - where are the plundered  BGN 700 million, by which he bilked the treasury, and does he pay with our   money the media influence in the supposedly National bTV, which became known as Bozhkov TV because of the serious ties of its head Florian Skala with the bloody oligarch? Another key question is when he will return to Bulgaria to be tried in a court? Or he will be hiding 6 more years like his fellow Tsvetan Vassilev, who plundered BGN 5.6 billion and hid in Serbia, while giving convenient interviews for his convenient media and journalists, but when it comes to returning to our country, he hides like a mouse.

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