Vaccine for Covid-19 could be available by end of 2020: EU health commissioner

This would permit a gradual return to normality, Kyriakides believes

European Union Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides said on Sunday a vaccine for Covid-19 could become available by the end of 2020, news wires reported.

"Even though making predictions is risky at this point, we have some good indicators that an initial vaccine could be available by the end of this year or the beginning of next," Kyriakides told the online edition of Handelsblatt newspaper.

A vaccine would not solve all problems in one go, but would permit a gradual return to normality, she said, as long as a "critical mass of citizens, particularly those in risk groups" were vaccinated.

The health commissioner also noted an increasing number of smaller and larger outbreaks of the coronavirus in several EU member states. Kyriakides appealed to governments to "quickly isolate the source of infection locally with tests, contact tracing and immediate isolation" of those affected.


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