US investigates 10 Tesla crash deaths

Photo: EPA

The US auto safety agency announced it was investigating accidents with vehicles of leading electric car maker Tesla that had resulted in at least 10 fatalities, Reuters reported. The probe is targeted at the usage of the advanced driver assistance systems and have happened since 2016. The agency had already confirmed some specific Tesla crash investigations but had not previously released a full accounting of all Tesla crashes.

Those were investigated and Tesla's Autopilot system was suspected of being involved. Out of the 30 reported Tesla crashes,the agency has excluded Tesla's Autopilot in three and published reports on another two of the crashes. Previously, the agency announced it had opened 28 special crash investigations into Tesla crashes, with 24 pending. Autopilot, which handles some driving tasks, was operating in at least three Tesla vehicles involved in fatal US accidents since 2016. Tesla was criticized for the lack of system safeguards for Autopilot, which allows drivers to keep their hands off the wheel for extended periods.

The issue has gotten new attention after a 17 April crash that killed two men in Texas in which police had said they believed no one was behind the wheel.

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