Under quarantine attacks against Peevski don’t stop

Oligarchs’ lice creeped out on the state's forehead

Delyan Peevski

In the hard days, when the state has mobilised all its resources to prevent the spread of coronavirus pandemic in Bulgaria the oligarchs who are lousy with money crawled out to defend their private interests. The peak cynicism is that some of the wealthiest people in Bulgaria not only refuse to take part in the battle against coronavirus but discredit the efforts of others along these lines.

The poor personal hygiene of Tsvetan Vassilev, Ognyan Donev and Ivo Prokopiev came through in the way the media they sustain and “experts” of all trades rushed to play down and compromise the measures that are being taken to contain the disease. Furthermore, to the commissioners of this odious attack it was not enough to call on their army of trolls who smear any good deed in the forums of Dnevnik and other known and unknown sites of the behind-the-scenes clique.

Even at the moment when we all have to show compassion, the oligarchs go on with their dirty games and flood with dirt all those who are not part of their team. And, as we all know well, the oligarchs earmarked as their No.1 enemy lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski.

During the tumultuous times when these self-indulgent parasites have been accumulating their start-up capital with the blessing of their dear ex-PM Ivan Kostov there was no one who could oppose them. Today, threatened by the prospect of retribution on the part of the society for blatantly amassing riches at the expense of the people, they are teaming up and are trying in panic to divert the discontent to other issues. That is how they do it.

The nexus of the defence attorneys of Tsvetan Vassilev (the Bulgarian Madoff) and NGO at his service, Boets in the person of Boyko Atanasov, is a fact that doesn’t surprise anyone for a long time now. On Saturday, however, when they were still asleep, the early-rising site of Ognyan Donev, Club Z, crowed as early as at 8.30 am. They did it posting a hysterical article which, in turn, was provoked by a post of their follower on Facebook where the latter complained of being summoned for questioning because of a TV interview. It was titled “Our state is chaos, lack of principles and control”. He voiced his stand before ex-sports journalist Sasho Dikov, who is currently part of the team of journalists on call serving the Bulgarian Madoff. In the opinion of Atanasov, however, such statements do not run counter the moral code of the magistrates and his performance does not undermine the prestige of the judicial power. Nevertheless, it is evident that the prosecutor was not all that sure of it because he urgently sought help from his friends. The impudence is not only in the fact that he implicated the name of Peevski in this campaign but that he referred, again without rhyme or reason, to one of the anti-coronavirus measures.

Several hours later, the post on Club Z, in which the prosecutor was called a “black sheep”, was updated and the baton was passed to the team of fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev. He personally sent down the talking point posting it on Facebook. A little later Vassilev’s press office joined in the campaign. On the Frognews site defence attorney of the Bulgarian Madoff, Konstantin Simeonov expressed his indignation and amazement at the subpoena sent to the prosecutor. Finally, another site, functioning as a mailbox, made a compilation of all lies spewed out against Peevski. Thus, the command “Fire at Peevski” has been run. So much for today. Tomorrow is another day. We will see who set an alarm clock for the earliest time.

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