Two photographers invite us to co-experience the wild

In the last few years, wildlife photography in Bulgaria has become a popular activity to which more and more photographers - professional or amateur - are turning their attention. The opportunities in this area are constantly increasing and interesting outcomes are not late to follow as a result.

Co-experiencing the wild is a long-term project of Little Bird Place Gallery in Sofia, conceived with the intention to present an exhibition dedicated to wildlife photography every year. Bogdan Boev and Ivaylo Zafirov's photographs have a special place in this increasingly distinct genre, and the names of the two authors have long been well known in the community of wildlife photographers. Thanks to the excellent knowledge, patience, perseverance, individual outlook and attitude to the world, their photographs have long gone beyond the illustrative character, becoming works of remarkable artistic qualities, which express much more than documenting a particular species.

Curator is Lyuben Domozetski. The exhibition runs until 12 August.

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