Two-faced Sasho proves his mettle with fake news about Peevski

Iliyan Vassilev – valuable State Security agent who acted against NATO, the US and the UK and was protected by the Vega electronic system

Iliyan Vassilev

Until recently, the legislative initiatives of lawmaker Delyan Peevski were keeping the oligarchy awake at night. Those acts stopped the secondary plundering of CorpBank assets and facilitated the return of BGN 1.25bn to the insolvency estate of the lender whose collapse was engineered by the financial fraudster Tsvetan Vassilev. They also laid the groundwork for introducing more transparency into media ownership and financing.

However, Peevski’s donations to the efforts to save Bulgarian lives in the fight against COVID-19 have completely robbed the oligarchs of their sleep, prompting them to activate their pawns. Prominent State Security agent Iliyan Vassilev was the first to be called to action. For the past couple of days he has been spreading fake news about the publisher of Telegraph Media through the website Frognews, which is ran by his fellow agent Academician and serves as a de-facto press office of the Bulgarian Madoff. The website even posted a poem dedicated to Agent Academician on the occasion of his birthday. But the online outlet failed to recognise his work as a disseminator of fake news. Perhaps the fugitive banker will do that.

Iliyan Vassilev slammed Betina Zhoteva, the new head of the Council for Electronic Media, who had called earlier for legislative action addressing fake news and had noted that those were being disseminated by websites with unclear ownership. Fake news, as we all know, is the signature instrument used by the mainstream media of oligarch Ivo Prokopiev. The Fake News Factory is horrified by this campaign to have legal definition of fake news. Which is why Sasho went ahead and declared Zhoteva a mouthpiece for Peevski and even went a step further making the scandalous insinuation that the lawmaker was behind an incident in which the Bulgarian National Radio’s broadcast was disrupted for several hours. The absurdity of those assertions speaks to the helplessness of their authors within Prokopiev’s so-called mainstream. But those are people with no morals – pseudo-journalists, political experts, sociologists, analysts and bloggers on call like Agent Sasho who poses as a sworn anti-communist. They all speak Prokopiev’s gospel and spread fake news items that are carbon copies of each other.

It is people like Agent Sasho who spread disinformation on social media and the websites involved with the Fake News Factory. In the Frognews example in question, the idea is to try and “legalise” those lies, dress them up in an illusion of “credibility”. Sasho is a master manipulator and a wily former agent of the State Security. He was among the first to run to the rescue of the financial fraudster Tsvetan Vassilev. At one point he even said that there was no whole in the CorpBank finances. In other words, the Bulgarian Madoff never syphoned off those BGN 5-6bn from the lender which effectively operated as a pyramid scheme. Now Sasho is playing the role of conscience of those involved with the Capital circle and divides his attention between the indicted Prokopiev and the fugitive hiding in Belgrade Tsvetan Vassilev.

Not only duplicity, but disenchantment is a common theme with former agents like Iliyan Vassilev. It explains how he can now present himself as a devout proponent of pro-Western values when back in the day he swore fealty to State Security by accepting to become its operative “on the basis of ideological, moral and political reasons” because he was supposedly raised with those beliefs. As of 1981, he was already working at the International Relations Department with the Permanent Presence of the Bulgarian Agrarian National Union (BZNS), more specifically dealing with cases under the Most Developed Capitalist Countries tag. Until the regime shift in 1989, Iliyan Vassilev was among the most trusted people of Angel Dimitrov, then-secretary of the BZNS, responsible for the organisation’s international relations. Later, he became a member of the pro-communist wing of the BZNS – a move that he coordinated with the First Main Directorate of the State Security, as his recruiter Senior Lieutenant Hristo Hristov wrote in his personal file. According to journalist Violeta Radeva, who used to work for the official newspaper of the BZNS, Agricultural Flag (Zemedelsko zname), in a Facebook post from last year Agent Sasho wrote he was advised to lend his story as a dissident to a series of compilations dedicated to the anti-communist movement in Bulgaria that functioned prior to the events of 1989-1990. He also claimed that the true story of The Tenth of November has been erased. What arrogance, what shamelessness! It is the agents who tried to erase their connections to the State Security. As so many of his colleagues, Agent Sasho eventually switched allegiances and turned right-wing, reinventing himself as a prominent anti-communist. He won the heart of former PM Ivan Kostov, who appointed him ambassador to, wait for it… Moscow.

A more careful read of his personal file shows that Sasho was among the most valuable secret associates of the First Main Directorate. He was protected by the Directorate’s top secret electronic system called Vega, reveal documents declassified by the Commission for Dossiers, a copy of which Telegraph Media obtained. He used to spy on the UK and collect valuable information about NATO, the US and the UK. Today, he is among the former agents who are mouthpieces for Prokopiev and the Bulgarian Madoff trying to cover up their bosses’ schemes and thefts and constantly telling us how to live. He is part of the communist nomenclature and its affiliated State Security agents who pulled the strings of the country’s transition to democracy with the sole purpose of staying in power, albeit behind the scenes.  

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