Tsvetan Vassilev’s Boets with yet another shameless attack against Peevski

Delyan Peevski

The oligarchy’s minions never sleep. And they are extremely pathetic in their ridiculous efforts to pose as democrats, victims of the status quo, and champions for justice. A great illustration is the supposedly non-governmental organisation Boets, which boasts exactly one member – Georgi Georgiev, fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev’s footboy.

A political nomad, Georgiev was a nobody just a few years ago, but he is now being given platform by the oligarchy’s organised media group on a regular basis thanks to the serious connections and cash of the financial fraudster Tsvetan Vassilev. The self-proclaimed fighter for justice is using this platform to present as citizens’ demands the claims of the Bulgarian Madoff.

The latest initiative of Georgi Georgiev and his imaginary army of citizens is a protest set for 23 January to demand that the government steps down over the water crisis. The allegedly civil protest is being heavily promoted by all sorts of obscure websites that act as cogs of the Fake News Factory.

“Draining a bank is a crime, but draining the water reservoir for an entire region is a form of genocide” – this is how Georgi Georgiev explains the motives behind the demonstration. Surely to carry out the orders given by the banker hiding in Belgrade to a tee, the name of lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski is dropped out of nowhere.

“FOR TEN YEARS the mobster cabinets of Borissov, Peevski, GERB, BSP, MRF and United Patriots have utilised (and by that we mean stolen) over BGN 10bn in water infrastructure projects” Vassilev’s puppet continues with his lies, as cited by some website called ZovNews.

The Fake News Factory, for which Boets is also working, is trying to pin whatever crisis emerges in Bulgaria on Delyan Peevski. If planned interruptions to electricity supply were suddenly introduced as power saving measures, the finger would immediately be pointed at Delyan Peevski. But he has nothing to do with the water crisis in Pernik or anywhere else in the country. Such claims are completely false and preposterous, backed by no facts and do not even need to be refuted.

Furthermore, Delyan Peevski has not participated in any cabinet over the past ten years, not been a minister or a vice-minister. Unlike the oligarchs attacking him – like Tsvetan Vassilev, who was a darling of those in power and even honoured as Banker of the Year in that period. Or like Ivo Prokopiev, who pushed strawmen such as Hristo Ivanov and Traycho Traykov onto various governments.

Such baseless accusations against Peevski are indicative of how oligarchs like Tsvetan Vassilev and their minions operate. Their goal is to wag the dogs, have a certain circle of media outlets repeat the lie a hundred times so that Peevski is made out to be the one responsible – for the drought, the price of bread, the flue.

Georgi Georgiev would have trouble assembling a van of people to follow his lead even in his hometown of Vidin, which is why his campaigns are organised in Sofia, where he relies on paid protesters. The same dubious characters show up to his demonstrations in exchange for payment. It is people like Georgiev and the shady crowd following him who have turned “protest” into a dirty word. Because demonstrating in favour of the oligarchy’s interests is truly dirty.

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