Truly terrified of the fear (of Delyan Peevski)

To be truly terrified of the fear. If you don't believe - just take a look at the publications of Ivo Prokopiev and his fellows - those "honest" privatisers, who turned for one night from shabby fellows - keen on power in their nature into (multi) millionaires by means of the stolen state money and with the blessing of their father figure, namely the former PM Ivan Kostov.

The indicted boss from the town of Razgrad Ivo Prokopiev & Co played an  assembly to gather their hired pens for firing a new volley on their main Enemy, apparently driven by a panic, that the National Assembly is finally on the way to establish a commission, which can wash all dirty linen of the transition to democracy in public, including also their dirty linen.

The main enemy in particular, is the one who first came up with the idea of ​​creating such a parliamentary commission - MP and publisher of "Telegraph Media" Delyan Peevski. However, helpless in their panic, they could not think of something different from an attempt for invigorating, oh sorry - for "refreshing" of their fading yellow pavers’ (right-wing) glory. Moreover, in another attempt to rewrite the history, which attempt, ultimately scored own goal against them (no more or less of it). Exposing the mentors themselves.

Thus, in the seventh year of protests, for which protests it became very clear over the years how "spontaneous, undirected and unpaid financially" they were and after a few hours of squeaking, the mainstream of Prokopiev&Co, rusted by reheating of the old talking points, produced half a dozen of articles on a topic previously dictated by its sponsors - dusting off the protesters’ SANSwithme (SANS stands for State Agency "National Security" – editor’s note). Apparently, because of the importance of the task for itsmentors, which have ordered it, not peripheral but key cogs of the manipulations machine of the oligarchy were involved in the implementation of their orders.

The (anti-) Bulgarian section of Deutsche Welle was the first to cope with this task. They used the services of the so-called "expert" Daniel Smilov, who turned the political science into a family business for winning grants and behind-the-scenes financing. As a proof of the spontaneous and independent Smilov's work, Ivo Prokopiev’s Dnevnik outlet immediately reprinted his publication. While the Kaolin boss from Razgrad was washing his talking points through outside spokesperson, his fellow – also indicted pharmaceutical boss Ognyan Donev, bet on his own production - a journalist from his edition "Club Z", playing the role of hired figurehead to his boss and his friends oligarchs.

Though there are two authors here, their theses in the articles above are composed as if written under indigo. While reflecting about the old talking points of the oligarchy, they are not ashamed to push outright lies. Their talking points concern issues like the following: there is a behind-the-scenes collusion between GERB and MRF (nevertheless that the first one is a governing party, the latter is opposition and only a day before they left the Chamber as a sign of protest to decision of the ruling coalition), as well as that in our country there is a selective enforcement of the law and the work of the investigative bodies in favor of Delyan Peevski (nevertheless that the lawmaker is among the most inspected people in our country, and one of the publications in his media group with the highest circulation "Telegraph" was roughly violated by a prosecutor from the Sofia District Prosecutors’ Office). Their lies assert "Peevski can be various person, but after this protest he will never be appointed to any position… he failed to become even a MEP," is written in the creation of "Club Z" - "Refreshing of democracy - the first seven years."

Whether the above is a result of the author's amnesia or a result of the hope of his mentors that people do not remember – it is an enigma for now, but the fact is only one - MP Delyan Peevski does not need to be appointed, because he has been elected for years not by anyone else but by the voters for the positions he holds. Since 2013 until now he has gone through four elections, two of them for the National  Assembly and the other two, namely for MEP. However, both times he refused to leave for the European Parliament because he considered to be more needed by his constituents with his work in the country - as a member of the national Parliament.

On the contrary, the party, established and based on the protests in question - "Yes, Bulgaria", was kicked out by voters from the parliamentary board in the National Assembly elections. It is a very good example of how much the yellow pavers (right-wing) people have the support of the public. It is another issue that they are not one or two in number, there are a lot of speakers and pseudo-journalists among them, who provided their voices, faces and pens to be hired by behind-the-scenes clique, and who made money writing texts and posts on talking points, set by the same behind-the-scenes clique.

And while we wonder if the authors are not actually reminding to their oligarch owners through those materials for protests in question, that they have to pay them for calling black white (and vice versa), it is necessary to note that in addition to the talking points and lies in the articles, there are also pure truths. For example, the truth that society is strongly against the so-called model #who, according to which the behind-the-scenes clique rules our country.

Furthermore, the way of governing must be changed in such a way that the institutions do not turn in instruments for promoting private interests. These are all indisputable facts, which, however, do not apply to the targets of the articles, but to their mentors, who made over the years a purposeful defamation campaign against Delyan Peevski with a single goal - to transfer their crimes to his image. Because it was not the lawmaker of the opposition MRF party, but the indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev, who personally nominated ministers in the cabinets formed by GERB, which is a fact recognised by the Prime Minister Boyko Borissov himself.

Namely Prokopiev&Co have been trying to rule our country behind the scenes for years by figureheads and their own pawns in the judiciary and the executive, funding media which spew out fake news and campaigns, by means of stolen from us money, in order to denigrate our state abroad. Yes, we need not just a refreshment of democracy, but we need straightly its restart. Thus, our society will get rid of the parallel state created by the former PM Ivan Kostov and his oligarchs Ivo Prokopiev, Ognyan Donev, Tsvetan Vassilev and Sasho Donchev. This can happen only in one way - through retribution for the crimes and plunders committed by them and through striking a public balance of the roles of all these "heroes" in the transition to democracy period. This clique is truly terrified of the fear as we have already said above.

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