TRAN lawmakers insist on funding for sustainable tourism in 2021-2027 budget

In a letter to the EU leaders they urge that thousands of companies in the sector are facing insolvency

As a consequence of the virus outbreak, the tourism sector within the EU is facing unprecedented challenges, reads an open letter by the EP Transport and Tourism Committee (TRAN)  MEPs to EU leaders, who are discussing on Friday and Saturday the next MFF and recovery fund.

The TRAN members have been voicing their urgent concern since the very start of this crisis, naming the coordinated relaunch of the tourism sector at EU level an immediate strategic priority both for the EU institutions and for the Member States, the letter underlines.

MEPs regret that calls for a dedicated budget line towards sustainable tourism have been repeatedly ignored, and,consequently, such was not included in the revised long-term EU budget for 2021-2027.

“At this crucial stage of negotiations on the EU Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027, and on the eve of the European Council meeting on July 17-18, the Members of Committee on Transport and Tourism call upon the EU Presidency and on each and every one of you, to reconsider how a dedicated budget line on sustainable tourism in the next multiannual financial framework could achieve a very significant difference for the sector,” adds the letter. “We recall here that the European Parliament’s mandate in the MFF negotiations specifically included a €300m allocation, earmarked towards sustainable tourism.”

Lawmakers stress that thousands of companies in the tourism sector are facing insolvency and many others are barely staying afloat. In some EU countries, this has led to significant decreases in the country’s GDP and tax income. It also underlines that while allocating funds to tourism from various funds is commendable, it does little to help micro-enterprises and SMEs, as they struggle to understand the myriad of different funding opportunities and how to access them.


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