Three companies teamed up to bring clean, efficient and quiet aviation to life

Their ambition is to certify the world’s first all-electric aircraft by 2022

Photo: Solar Impulse Press André Borschberg in front of the zero-emission electric and solar airplane Solar Impulse.

The largest seaplane airline operator, the global leader in electric propulsion technology, and the renowned electric system and battery storage provider, join forces in bringing aviation to a new era - clean, CO2 free and commercially attractive through electric propulsion.

Harbour Air, Canada-based North America’s largest seaplane airline, magniX the company from Everett, US powering the electric aviation revolution and H55 from Sion, Switzerland, the spin off from Solar Impulse, producing highly efficient certified battery packs, announced a partnership to certify the world’s first electric Beaver (eBeaver) commuter airplane through a supplemental type certificate programme.

They will collaborate with Transport Canada to certify the installation of the magniX electric propulsion unit and the H55 enhanced battery system, transforming Harbour Air’s seaplanes into an all-electric commercial fleet.

After the successful first flight of the Harbour Air eBeaver powered by magniX in December 2019 and the ongoing flight tests since then, the companies have teamed up with H55 to bring their shared vision of clean, efficient and quiet commercial aviation to life by 2022.

H55’s battery modules have one of the highest energy densities and will provide the entire energy storage system and redundant battery monitoring at the cell level for the eBeaver.

We have been attracted by Harbour Air and magniX’s vision, pioneering spirit and commitment to make aviation clean, commented André Borschberg, H55 Executive Chairman.

With their zero-emission electric and solar airplane Solar Impulse, André Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard, made in 2016 the first ever round-the-world solar flight, day and night journey without fuel. Both of them continue to be committed to inspiring environmental projects.

The collaboration will leverage our synergies and complementarities, André Borschberg said adding that they all understand that the path to electric aviation is complicated. “But at the same time by joining forces, our combined experience will lead to quicker certification. And this in turn will offer a fast and safe way to reach the market and popularize electric aviation.” 

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