They want interim government and vote rigging

The goal of the riot scenario was shown up on the 13th day of the protests, directed by the gambling tsar and fugitive from the justice with 18 charges Vasil Bozhkov, with the assistance of the indicted oligarchs Ivo Prokopiev and Tsvetan Vassilev.

Tatyana Doncheva, the lawyer of the behind the scenes clique, spoke out. She did it quite expectedly on the air of bTV, which became convenient for the ringleaders of behind the scenes clique and their pawns, and which became known as Bozhkov TV because of its shameful connections with the Bulgarian El Chapo.

Doncheva announced in the program Face to Face which is the ultimate goal of the protests – an interim cabinet appointed by the President Rumen Radev, which can lead to change in leadership of all the units related to the organisation of elections in our country, headed by the state company Information Services, where a purge of computer specialists was needed. Thus, in practise, Doncheva admitted that the real goal of what is happening in our country is replacing of the results of the upcoming two votes next year - for parliament and for president.

At the same time, the former social lawmaker gave herself up to a ridiculous cry for the people arrested in recent months, who participated in schemes of the accused and indicted Bulgarian oligarchs. Asked why she was participating in the protests, Doncheva said she is doing it because it had become a practice in Bulgaria to detain lawyers. However, as expected, she did not say that one of them was the lawyer of the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev - Lazar Karadaliev, who is under investigation on suspicion of laundering money in favour of Bulgarian Madoff and his Russian patron – the oligarch Konstantin Malofeev. In the indictment against Tsvetan Vassilev, Karadaliev is explicitly mentioned as the person who received in 2014 BGN 210,000 in cash on instructions of Vassilev. The other lawyer, whom Doncheva rushed to defend, is the former MP and her avatar Mincho Spasov, who was accused of sabotage of Sofia Metro. According to Doncheva, there was no problem in pressing the emergency switch of the subway, because it was like being stuck in an elevator.

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