There Is Such a People to immediately return mandate to form cabinet

Photo: Nova TV Stanislav Trifonov

The political party There Is Such a People (TISP) will immediately return the mandate to form a cabinet, the party's leader Stanislav “Slavi” Trifonov said in a Facebook post on Monday.

Trifonov explained that TISP does not have a sufficient number of MPs or partners in order to form a stable cabinet.

“The political entities that offer support are pernicious, greedy and clearly discredited. What they offer is dependence rather than support,” TISP's leader commented.

Trifonov noted that his party's prime minister designate was world chess champion Antoaneta Stefanova, who is a qualified economist and speaks five languages. Stefanova will accept the mandate respectfully and will give it back immediately. “The law, the Constitution and democracy give us an opportunity to make a better choice,” Trifonov said.

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