Theory and practice of black PR

Oligarchy removes uncomfortable people pinning them on Enemy Delyan Peevski

How is black PR done? Postulate №1 - with money. The best thing is by foreign money (drained from the state and from the pocket of the public). We do not re-invent the wheel now, but this is the first postulate in a curious reading by Toma Belev, an author who is the ringleader of the "Green Octopus", named "Thirty tips for successful black PR".

Both Belev and the website that published the tips in question - Gorichka, are regular guests to Prokopiev's Dnevnik outlet as well as conductors of the indicted oligarch’s interests in the energy sector and the so-called "environmental topics". You can guess why. Belev may be hiding under the camouflage of an "environmental activist", but he knows well how to do black PR. As it is visible from the otherwise pretending for sarcasm pamphlet. As his boss Prokopiev knows, as well as the mainstream media machine, created by him, part of which is the very author of PR tips in question. Therefore, there are no reasons for not believing to his postulates, and what is more - we have been witnessing for years how this criminal circle puts them into practice. Here is what we find below in the list published in 2012: “The subject in question does not have a sister? What of this - let "news" about her go, let him prove that he has no sister“ (postulate №22). "If there is no bad news, just create it" (postulate №17). "Black PR is not just about creating bad news, the good ones must be stopped. This action is easy and it is not a subject to the right of reply” (postulate №20). And especially up-to-date postulate №5: “The society has people whom it does not like. Your subject must have seen some of them once in the past." So pin it on him.

By these “advices”, for almost a decade now, Prokopiev, the other oligarchs, the media financed by them and the NGOs have been building the image of the Enemy. Not the enemy of the society, but theirs. This is exactly the enemy who exposes their frauds and tries to force them to pay for their crimes against the society.

The first in the list of this purposeful black PR has always been the MP and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski. Thus, following the above advices, firstly, they attributed all their crimes to him, then they labeled him an oligarch, and when the image in question is completely built by an avalanche of lies (postulate №19), they begin to pin everything and everyone to him. And to remove each of their opponents, attributing to him imaginary, unrelated to reality connections with the Enemy.

He does not have companies? Never mind, we will pin our companies on him and what is there more in the Commercial Register, let him go and prove that he has no sister.

He is a donor №1? Never mind - there is no pandemic (it makes no difference that there are hundreds of thousands of deceased persons worldwide and millions of infected ones), so it is important not to save other people's health, but our money. Sorry, the stolen money.

Someone else is bothering us too? Perfect - we will pin on him ties with Peevski. It does not matter that there are not any. The important thing is that the shooting goes on, that elections are coming, and the oligarchy, directing this whole campaign for manipulation of society, wants to keep a tight rein on the state and the feeder of the public money. Aiming to continue sucking the forces of Bulgaria.

We have witnessed exactly such scenario in recent days. Some behind-the-scenes bosses pointed their fingers through the mainstream media machine at other uncomfortable individuals. Pinning on them the label "ministers of Peevski" on the principle of postulate №5. Peevski has never had ministers. Unlike the ringleader of the man, who described these 30 tips in question for black PR – Ivo Prokopiev. But even this does not matter - the pre-election hunting season is open and namely in such days you can see who is a statesman and who is not. Definitely, in the first category do not fall people, who are able to succumb to an outright manipulation in order to survive.

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