Theodosii Spassov to release new album with music composed in Antarctica

Photo: BNR

The new album of the world-famous Bulgarian kaval player Theodosii Spassov will be titled Icy Eyes. The album will be comprised of music Spassov has created during his travel to Antarctica.

Spassov is a popular jazz musician who plays kaval - a traditional Bulgarian flute. He has developed his own unique playing style. His performances are an unusual synthesis of traditional folklore, jazz and classical music.

“Anticipating the decline of public performances due to the (Covid) restrictions, I thought about dedicating more of my time to studio work. The moment is finally here to work on the release of the new album,” Spassov said for BTA.

Around two years ago, Spassov and guitar player Hristiyan Tsvyatkov were invited by Prof Hristo Pimpirev, leader of the Bulgarian polar expeditions, to travel with the 28th Bulgarian Polar Expedition to Antarctica. There the two musicians created 13 compositions.

Spassov has invited musicians for the studio recordings who - in his words - “have attitude and are soul mates, and each of them has a great talent”.

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