The world celebrates the New Year

From New Zealand to the US, the world celebrated the coming of the New Year with fireworks and parties. For a couple of hours people across the globe preferred to forget problems and to express hope that the new 2020 will be much better than the passed 2019. Fortunately, no big incidents occurred during the celebrations.

In Paris, large crowds gathered to watch a light show at the Arc de Triomphe followed by a fireworks display at midnight. But the interesting number in the French capital was that Tuesday marked the 27th consecutive day of transport strikes against president Emmanuel Macron’s plans to overhaul the French pension system. All metro lines in the French capital were closed except for two automatic lines, and only a few night buses were running.

About 1,360kg (3,000lb) of confetti has been showered on Times Square tonight where revellers also had to contend with some rain earlier in the evening. In Rio, around 3 million people welcomed 2020 at the famous Copacabana beach where 15 tonnes of colorful fireworks were set off for nearly 15 minutes after midnight.

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