The 'Reporters' serve Prokopiev again, proving he dictates their manipulations

Indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev has again employed the services of Reporters Without Borders (RSF) for his battle against the state waged in a bid to forestall the attempts to mete out justice for his crimes. A day after the Anti-Corruption Commission for Illegal Assets Forfeiture (ACCIAF) filed a new claim for confiscation of money and stocks belonging to Prokopiev and his wife Galya Prokopieva worth about BGN half a million, the France-based NGO released an avalanche of tweets to cater to the chieftain of the Capital circle.

Through those tweets, RSF has circulated not one but two pieces of fake news generated by the behind-the-scenes clique in Bulgaria. In one of the tweets the organisation declares that it “condemns the mounting political pressure over the main independent media group, Economedia, publisher of Capital and Dnevnik, after the bank accounts and some of the private assets of its executive director, Galya Prokopieva, and its founder, Ivo Prokopiev, have been frozen”. The other tweet reproduces the lie claiming that, following a decision of the European Commission, the monitoring mechanism for Bulgaria will not be lifted. It reads: “We welcome the news that the European Commission will continue to apply the monitoring mechanism for Bulgaria.” Thus, the NGO has once again proven that it is a mere tool in the hands of Prokopiev, and it is not the truth that is important for the NGO posing as a champion of freedom of speech but catering to the private interests of indicted persons waging unrelenting war against the state in order to evade retribution for their crimes.

The reason is that both of the posted tweets are an absolute lie. The claims that the frozen assets and bank accounts of the Prokopievs have some bearing on their publishing activity are nothing but falsification, as in its report ACCIAF explicitly stressed that neither on this claim nor on the preceding one - pertaining to the forfeiture of Prokopiev's property worth almost BGN 200m - “any legal actions have been taken related to their publishing activity or the property of Economedia (See here). However, the “Reporters” are apparently used not to read but to write at the dictation of Prokopiev and his henchmen from the behind-the-scenes clique and to parrot what they heard. The second tweet bears it out. De facto it is a follow-up of the fake news spread by the behind-the-scenes mainstream that there was a decision by Brussels not to lift the monitoring mechanism for Bulgaria. This manipulative piece of fake news was first posted on the site run by natural gas lord Sasho Donchev and immediately reproduced by bTV, which has recently established itself as the main cog in the manipulation machine of the oligarchy. However, this fake was disproved not only by all high-level officials in Bulgaria but also by the European Commission itself - by Valdis Dombrovskis, European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs. Nevertheless, even that obviously cannot stop the French NGO from spreading the fake news generated by the Capital circle and the oligarchic mainstream media.

This is yet another evidence that under the guise of the organisation purportedly fighting for freedom of speech, the “Reporters” have actually turned their activity and rankings into an instrument for manipulations and blackmailing to the advantage of private interests. To this end they are using the Press Freedom Index, which is compiled under non-transparent conditions and is based on the opinions of barely 10 people, including in Bulgaria. This, as well as the fact that the survey was not representative of the journalistic guild nor was it designed to be representative, was admitted by Pierre Haski, RSF President, in a conversation with representatives of Telegraph Media (See here). In the same interview, he also admitted that the participants in the poll for Bulgaria are selected by the RSF person in charge of the country, currently it is a spokesperson for the NGO, Pauline Ades-Mevel. The same Ms Ades-Mevel who attends every event organised by Ivo Prokopiev and his associates - indicted pharmaceutical tycoon Ognyan Donev and natural gas lord Sasho Donchev. These events include also the roundtable held at the beginning of 2018 at which the three of them presented a pamphlet under the pompous title Media Freedom White Paper. However, to its presentation were admitted only media outlets convenient for the group, while journalists representing all other publications were rushed out. It is a blatant example of censorship and violation of the freedom of speech, and Ms Ades-Mevel witnessed it but didn't interfere and remained an indifferent onlooker.

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