The oligarchy shakes, Bozhkov passes talking points to his pawns

Pinocchio, Maya Manolova and the TV showman Slavi Trifonov repeat his theses in chorus

Vasil Bozhkov

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov's proposal to convene a Grand National Assembly (GNA) caught the oligarchy unawares and it literally shook after his statement on Friday afternoon. The first one to give a pitch was behind-the-scenes leader of the revolt against the statehood - the boss Vasil Bozhkov, who is hiding in Dubai from his 19 felony charges in Bulgaria.

He published a nervous post in the social network, which he uses as his own tribune, after escaping from justice for his bloody crimes, for which he earned his nickname Bulgarian El Chapo. However, the Facebook post took off his guise again and revealed the ugly ties he has with Ara, the parrot, of the oligarchy’s talking points - President Rumen Radev. It becomes clear from Bozhkov's post that although he has been trying for more than a month to convince people that the protests are supposedly fighting for democracy, the goal is actually only one - to overthrow the government and to replace it with provisional one, which shall be appointed by Radev under Bozhkov's dictation.

After him, the talking points of El Chapo were taken up immediately by the so-called "Poisonous Trio" - Nikolay Hadjigenov, Velislav Minekov and Arman Babikyan. The three of them have been the main trolls of behind-the-scenes bosses in our country for months and have been trying to stir up riots, even when it became clear that the protests were increasingly calming down. In a post on Facebook, the three literally sang the same tune of Bozhkov's song that GNA should not be convened. However, the trio, which apparently follows the maxim of the behind-the-scenes mentor Ivan Kostov that people have a "short memory", became a laughing stock with its statement. Simply because the fourth point in their "Appeal to the President", which stays at the heart of the protests, is precisely a change in the Constitution.

Following the trio, the favourite puppets of behind-the-scenes clique joined the chorus - Hristo Ivanov, known as Pinocchio for his affinity for lies, Maya Manolova, who is "financially supported" by El Chapo and Slavi Trifonov, who requalified from TV showman to "wannabe" politician. All three, who until recently were slamming in the squares demanding changes to the Basic Law of the country, now moved on to a new song - early elections and provisional cabinet, which shall serve the interests of the oligarchy.

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