The needle's tip

Emanuela Kovach, one of the most prominent Bulgarian graphic artists of her generation, presents her exhibition The Needle's Tip at the Museum Gallery Anel in Sofia. The title is not chosen accidentally. It leads directly to the engraving method of intaglio printing - “dry needle”, which Kovach has been using for many years. This is a method that takes us back in time - to the 15th century and to Albrecht Durer.

Three of his engravings made by means of this technique have been preserved to this day, and the technique was originally combined with etching, as evidenced by Rembrandt's etchings. Any sharp object can be used for engraving with the method “dry needle”, although there are needles made especially for it. The dry needle is characterised by the mark it leaves on the plate, but unlike the etching, here the etching ink mixes with the oil paint and the lines become softer. This is exactly the method used by Emanuela Kovach.

The technique chosen by each graphic artist is a matter of creative choice, temperament, and last but not least - a matter of the way they transfer on the plate their inspiration, which has brought about the creation of one or another theme. In Emanuela Kovach's engravings, the line is the main means of expression, which can be seen especially strongly in its multiplication and the reaching of a typical for her and unique stroke rhythm. At times, it resembles a waterfall of strokes, a labyrinth in which the narrative almost disappears and turns into a captivating vision shrouded in mystery and suggesting various readings. Emanuela's stroke is clear to such an extent that it also carries an element of jewellery making. This feature gives a special 'chamber' sound to her engravings - attractive and unique. They are unique even because they are all originals - single copies that are standing outside of graphics circulation.

In four cycles presented at the Museum Gallery Anel, which are titled Act, Stolen Sundays, The Room With Me, and Horizons, and created between 2010 and 2020, graphic lovers will be able to touch the artistic talent of Emanuela Kovach and her contemporary interpretation of the centuries-old classical technique of intaglio printing made with the tip of a needle.

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