The “mafia” party of Bulgarian El Chapo has a false start: even the trolls betrayed him

The "mafia" party whose creation was announced a few days ago by Bulgarian El Chapo - Vassil Bozhkov, has a false start. Earlier this week, the gambling tsar, hiding in Dubai posted an inquiry on Facebook. The question there was if he would get support for his political project. First 2 minutes of the inquiry showed that Bozhkov had harnessed the trolls to vote on-line, hired along with his new PR agent Ivet Dobromirova, who is serving the oligarchy.

Literally, in 120 seconds more than 500 trolls had rendered an account in the online inquiry, apparently aiming to show that the fugitive oligarch has a solid electoral support firmly behind him. However, on Saturday, when the voting deadline was over, it became clear that even Bozhkov had failed to pay “salaries” enough in order to prove a strong support for the “mafia” party. The results show that every third individual who voted in this inquiry doesn’t agree a criminal hero like Bozhkov to make attempts for entering politics. The situation looks like the following in absolute numbers - 47,104 people voted "yes" and 26,496 voted "no". This fact leads to the conclusion that even the paid vote does not provide to Bozhkov and his fellow oligarchs the chance to gain a public support.

Bulgarian El Chapo – the new nickname, which the indicted gambling fugitive tsar Vassil Bozhkov became known with, is playing an assembly of Politburo of the “mafia” party. He announced that he would create this party a week ago. The oligarchs in our country, which were brought up by the State Security and behind- the-scenes circles, were proving for nearly 30 years the maxim that any country has its own mafia, but only in our country, mafia has its own state. Now, when the time for retribution for their crimes has come, Bozhkov is playing an assembly for the rest of the oligarchs, so that they can undermine the government by suggesting their new party creation project. The reason is very prosaic - the noose is obviously tightening around the members of the oligarchic clique like Vassil Bozhkov, Tsvetan Vassilev, Ivo Prokopiev, Ognyan Donev and Sasho Donchev and justice is knocking at their door.

Thus, the oligarchs felt pressed and began to take out of their pockets the billions plundered from our society, in order to create a new party, headed by mafia Politburo. A chairperson of this body in question will obviously be Vassil Bozhkov, who announced his intentions in a Facebook post a few days ago. For a month now, the gambling tsar, who damaged the state treasury to the tune of BGN 700m, has turned the social network into his tribune. Theses there are being copied and spread into the other cogs of the mainstream media machine, controlled by the “Kaolin king” and indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev.

In all likelihood, the deputy chairperson of this mafia party most probably will be the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev, who plundered BGN 5.6bn from the CorpBank depositors and who has been hiding from justice system in Belgrade for years. The Bulgarian equivalent of Pablo Escobar has repeatedly claimed prime minister's post in our country. He has even paid large amounts to attend courses for policy makers abroad. However, in current situation, Tsvetan Vassilev is clearly inclined to cede the leadership post to Vassil Bozhkov - also a fugitive from justice - and supports his fellow in all ways. He proved this fact in a program interview conducted in the latest mouthpiece of the mainstream media machine of behind-the-scenes clique - the cable TV1.

The close relationship between Bozhkov and Vassilev was revealed by the former partner of the gambling tsar - Tsvetomir Naydenov, who announced that the Bulgarian El Chapo benefits from services of the international fraudster Barak Alon. Some time ago the latter served Tsvetan Vassilev’ interests. The Austrian citizen Alon was the one who put in touch the gambling tsar with the CEO of bTV, Florian Skala. On his part, the latter turned the TV station into a flagship media, serving the indicted oligarchs. For this reason, the media was called Bozhkov TV.

Next on the mafia Politburo list is the pharmaceutical boss Ognyan Donev, who is apparently preparing himself to become responsible for the healthcare sector, using his “good” experience in syphoning the Health Insurance Fund with expensive medicines for the account of the Bulgarian patients. As for the natural gas baron Sasho Donchev, he licks his chops for energetics, being a protege of the co-founder of the Russian giant "Gazprom" Rem Vyakhirev. Donchev has been tapping people's money through his natural gas pipes for more than two decades.

Any party body needs a media tribune too. Ivo Prokopiev will be “conveniently” responsible for it by his mainstream media machine. However, he was the one who, thanks to his interwoven media cogs, managed to push down our country to 111th position on the World Press Freedom Index of Reporters Without Borders. Somehow omitting the fact that during his murky privatisation deals, he literally wiped out the resort town of Merichleri, and its residents were hit by leukemia, caused by illegal kaolin mining in this area.

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