The Bulgarian Madoff’s serfs join forces in fake news attack against Peevski

Tsvetan Vassilev (L) and Georgi Georgiev

The serfs of the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev – Frognews and Boets – have joined forces in another fake news attack against the oligarchy’s sworn enemy, lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski.

After throughout the past week the behind-the-scenes clique’s Fake News Factory recycled its old talking point that Peevski has a shareholder stake in Bulgartabac, on Monday Frognews, the website owned by former State Security agent Ognyan Stefanov, circulated yet another lie. This time around, the media outlet, known as an unofficial press office of the fugitive baker, used the blabbering of Boets as a launch point. The NGO is also batting for the Bulgarian Madoff’s team, while the chairperson of the organisation first gained popularity with his photos with Vassilev, taken at the Belgrade hotel where the banker is hiding from the Bulgarian judicial system.

What did Frognews write? The publication copy-pasted a Boets Facebook post, which deemed Peevski bad without explaining the reasoning behind it. Actually, this is a method common among all members of the Fake News Factory – they like to insert Peevski’s name in all sorts of texts just so that it enters Google’s index database with negative connotation.

In this particular case, Vassilev’s hangers-on note that there was a report of a wrongdoing regarding the privatisation of Bulgartabac filed with the Prosecutor’s Office and that the institution refused to launch an investigation into it, citing as reason that the evidence presented was insufficient to suspect that a crime was committed. However, this refusal was used to attach Peevski’s name to the story.

If they had bothered to check the facts, the Bulgarian Madoff’s serfs would likely have found that Peevski never participated in the privatisation of the tobacco holding. Several years ago, he owned a minority stake of 5% in the company for a short time before he sold it in 2016. Since then, Peevski has had nothing to do with Bulgartabac. That fact has not stopped the oligarchic publishers’ media outlets from attaching not only non-existent ties with the company to the lawmaker but even control over it – a tradition that was observed in this latest case as well.

The truth is that attaching the lawmaker’s name to all sorts of news he has nothing to do with has a singular purpose – to make it so that a Google search of his name calls up all kinds of defaming articles in order to convince readers that Peevski is to blame for everything, even last year’s snow. This is why the oligarchic publishers have set a daily quota of at least one fake news item against Peevski for their journalistic minions. The result is a myriad of fables, completely detached from reality and containing no semblance of evidence. It is up to readers and viewers to decide whether to believe them or not.

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