Tesla steps up output to gain robust growth in Q3

Photo: EPA Tesla CEO Elon Musk

The Chief Executive Officer and main shareholder in electric car maker Tesla Elon Musk urged employees to "go super hardcore" to make up for production challenges early in the third quarter and "ensure a decent Q3 delivery number," according to an internal email, quoted by Reuters. "The end of quarter delivery wave is unusually high this time, as we suffered like the whole industry from extremely severe parts shortages earlier this quarter," he said.

He noted that Tesla built "a lot of cars with missing parts that needed to be added later."

"This is the biggest wave in Tesla history," he said, referring to its end of quarter delivery push. Tesla posted record quarterly vehicle deliveries for the April-June quarter, but Musk said in July that its output growth for the rest of this year would be determined by the global chip shortage situation, which "remained quite serious."

Tesla has recently started US sales of a Model 3 version with different, lithium iron phosphate batteries, which it said will help bring forward vehicle deliveries. The LFP battery is currently used in Tesla's China-made Model 3 and Model Ys that are sold there and exported to Europe and other countries.

Tesla said customers who switch to Model 3 with an LFP battery would be able to receive the model sooner than the original delivery date of year-end. "Due to limited supply and strong customer demand, we are introducing the Model 3 Standard Range Plus battery pack, which we already released in Europe and Asia, to North America," the company said.

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