Tesla launches China data centre to store data locally

US electric vehicle maker Tesla Inc said on Tuesday it has established a data centre in China to store car data locally.

Tesla said in a Weibo post that data generated by all cars it sells in China, where it is making Model 3 sedans and Model Y sport-utility vehicles, will be stored locally. Tesla said it would attempt to secure that data safely, but plans to store all the information gathered from China-sold cars locally, a move that follows the carmaker's renewed engagement with authorities in Beijing amid a broader crackdown on technology companies and the collection of customer data.

Bloomberg reported last month that officials in China banned Tesla vehicles from military bases and housing compounds amid concerns concerns that potentially sensitive data from its onboard cameras could be collected and stored on Tesla servers.

China accounted for around 37.5% of that total, with the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) showing the first-quarter tally of 69,280 units sold in the world's largest car market following the launch of its Shanghai gigafactory in 2019. Its April sales, however, were down 27.1% from the previous month at 25,845 units.

The military ban also came amid a Reuters report that one of Tesla's main China-based rivals, Geely, is preparing to unveil a range of newly-branded EV's that could challenge the Palo Alto, California-based group's dominance in the high-end market.

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