Take a bath in... the future

A 16,000-dollar smart tub can pour itself.... and for that price we actually expect it to do so

Electronics and bathtubs generally aren't a good mix - but apparently that rule doesn't apply if you're sitting in one of the world's most expensive baths, which features ambient lights, a built-in steam machine and smart home features.

Bathtub designs haven't changed much over the centuries, but the vision from smart kitchen and bathroom appliance manufacturer Kohler shows that smart connectivity could be a standard feature in decades to come.

Reportedly launching at prices of $6,198 to $15,998 in the US, the Stillness bathtub, in its most expensive version, is connected to your digital assistant so that you can tell it to fill itself up while you're still driving home from work.

Unveiled in January at this year's CES tech fair, the tub is based on the practice of Japanese forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku and looks like it's overflowing, although that's all part of the edgeless design that will be familiar to anyone who's ever swam in an infinity pool.

To set the mood, the smart bathtub has built-in lights and a steam machine. And why the name? Stillness hints not only at the supposedly tranquil bathing experience, but at the fact that the tub quietly fills itself from the bottom, unlike traditional noisy taps.

Kohler is known for somewhat far-fetched home appliance designs and previously unveiled a smart shower head with its very own loudspeaker and smart assistant built in. Meanwhile, its high-tech Sensate faucet will respond to your voice, so you can turn it on without your hands or tell it to pour an exact amount for a recipe. Kohler is also set to bring more touchless toilets to its portfolio for 2021, bringing us two new styles costing $600 and $1,000. A sensor in the flush lever of the toilet flushes with the wave of your hand. A built-in LED light can be customized through the Kohler app. Both of these toilets are slated for release in March of this year.

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