Switzerland does not recommend travel to Italy

Switzerland’s southern neighbour Italy is going to open its borders for tourists from the EU and Schengen zone countries on 3 June and from that date a 14-day mandatory quarantine period would be scrapped. But even though people from Switzerland will be allowed to go to Italy, Italians won’t be able to enter Switzerland, news wires reported.

The Italian opening caught Swiss authorities by surprise because Switzerland and its other neighbours, Germany, France, and Austria, agreed to lift travel restrictions only from 15 June. "Switzerland informed Italy that it considered it premature to lift its border controls from 3 June”, Swiss president Simonetta Sommaruga said during a press conference this week. Speaking in Italian, one of Switzerland’s four national languages, she added that “we want a coordinated reopening. We will therefore not open the border on that date”.

Travel to Italy is not recommended for Switzerland's residents until 6 July at the earliest, Karin Keller-Sutter, the head of the Federal Department of Justice and Police said at the press conference.

Those who go to Italy from 3 June can do so at their own risk, but could face border controls upon their return to Switzerland. For example, they may have to fill out special forms and produce a health certificate.

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