Swiss voters reject to scrap free movement with EU

Preliminary data shows that 63% are against the move

At the referendum on Sunday, Swiss voters widely turned down a proposal of the Swiss People's Party for withdraw from the agreement with the EU allowing the free movement of people. According to the public broadcaster SRF citing preliminary data, 63% of voters had voted against this move. Its supporters are 37%.

The right-wing populist Swiss People's Party that initiated the referendum, insists Switzerland to control its borders and allow in just the immigrants it wants. The party warns that under the current rules tens of thousands of migrants can enter the country, which will lead to higher house costs, social dumping  and will create tensions in welfare system.

Complying with the agreement on the free movement of persons between the EU and the Swiss Confederation, that in fact lifts restrictions on EU citizens wishing to live or work in Switzerland, is a prerequisite for the validity of other bilateral treaties that give the country free access to the European single market.

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