Swedish authorities, banks hit by security data leak in hacker attack

Security arrangements for the Swedish parliament, alarm systems and details of bank vault floor plans have been shared online in a data leak that saw around 38,000 files stolen by hackers, news wires reported on Tuesday. A total of 19 gigabytes of information and around 38,000 files were stolen from security group Gunnebo by one or more hackers in August, according to newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

"It's of course unfortunate that we've had a theft of data," Gunnebo CEO Stefan Syrеn was quoted as telling the paper. "We are now reviewing the material and in the cases where there is sensitive information we are contacting the client," he said.

Among the leaked documents are details of the security arrangements for the Swedish parliament and confidential plans of the Swedish Tax Agency's new office on the outskirts of Stockholm, the paper said. Plans for bank vaults in at least two German banks were leaked, while other documents show the alarm systems and surveillance cameras at a branch of the SEB bank in Sweden, it reported.

Headquartered in Sweden, Gunnebo is a multinational company with nuclear power plants, hospitals and airports among its international customers.The hack was reported to the Swedish Security Service Sаpo in August. "We can only speculate on what the target of the attack was, but as we cannot rule out that it was an attempt at industrial espionage, it has been important to follow the regulations and we have therefore decided to inform Sаpo," Syrеn said in a statement at the time.

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