Sweden to introduce local lockdowns as Coronavirus cases rise

Johan Nojd

Swedish authorities want to bring in local lockdowns to stem the rapid spread of coronavirus in the country. The move marks a new approach in Sweden’s handling of the virus as the country has kept bars and restaurants open while the rest of Europe shut down in March this year.

“It’s more of a lockdown situation - but a local lockdown,” said Johan Nojd, who leads the infectious diseases department in Uppsala.

It is believed the new rules are expected to come into force on Monday and will allow regional health authorities to ban people meeting in public places such as shopping centres, concerts and swimming pools. People could be also told to avoid public transport or visiting the elderly or those who are at high risk.

It comes as several European nations put into effect new measures and restrictions in an effort to curb the second wave of the coronavirus rapidly spreading across the continent, with cases skyrocketing. On Friday Europe even surpassed 150,000 daily coronavirus cases just a week after reporting 100,000 cases for the first time.

In Sweden, Coronavirus cases have been also gradually increasing since the start of September, dashing country’s hopes for immunity.

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