Swan Lake and Mozart arranged as heavy metal


Accept, the German heavy metal legends, are coming back to Bulgaria. For two nights in a row, on 18-19 May, the band will present their unique show Symphonic Terror Tour at the Antique Theatre in Plovdiv.

They will appear on stage along with the Plovdiv Symphony Orchestra to perform about 20 of their own pieces with symphonic arrangement, as well as classical compositions with heavy metal flavour. Among them are the Swan Lake and the 40th symphony by Mozart, along with the evergreen rock hymns Metal Heart, Princess of the Dawn, Balls to the Wall, Fast as a Shark.

In the meantime, Accept have been joined by two new musicians - Martin Motnik on bass and Ava-Rebekah Rahman on violin, who will debut in Germany. Martin Motnik pursues a musical career since he was seven. As a complement to his talent, he has a master's degree in business from the University of Manheim.

Ava-Rebekah Rahman is the offspring of a Bengalese family, who was born and raised in Germany. She is a well-known violin soloist, writes poetry and is a music educator. Her debut solo concert was with the National Orchestra when she was only 10 years old.

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