Survey: Delyan Peevski biggest donor

PM Boyko Borissov remains the politician with the highest approval rating and continues to lead President Rumen Radev

Delyan Peevski

MRF lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski and businessman Kiril Domuschiev have emerged as the most generous donors to COVID-19 relief efforts in opinion polls Sova Harris conducted between 29 May and 3 June of this year among 1,000 people.

Respondents were asked to name three people who they thought had been most generous in terms of donations. The most mentioned name was Peevski with 15.5% of participants in the survey pointing to him. Kiril Domuschiev ranked second with 6.1%. The list also included boxer Kubrat Pulev, the leader of the political party Volya, Veselin Mareshki, and companies like Vivacom and Kaufland, but they all had considerably more modest showings.

“The gestures made by the MRF lawmaker seem to be perceived as most significant. In Bulgaria, people who have had success in the business world do not normally engender the public’s fondness. What we have in this case is a different kind of response both on the part of businessmen, with their gestures of generosity and solidarity, and on the part of many in the general public, who perceive said gestures in a positive light. Of course, many Bulgarians have donated (during the pandemic), and those who supported the common cause despite only having modest means are the most touching examples. This is the first time in the country’s entire transition to a democratic society that we have seen such displays of social responsibility,” Vasil Tonchev, head of Sova Harris noted.

“COVID-19 took us by surprise so much so that we all turned out to be unprepared. Weaknesses in the organisation of our society, even at a very fundamental level, were exposed. The trial-and-error method is the only option worldwide for now. Bulgaria did relatively well in absorbing the first blow. We have proven to be better organised and are therefore in better condition compared to a number of European countries that have more resources. Of course, the most important part of the battle to save the economy is still ahead of us,” Tonchev said.

The survey also shows that PM Boyko Borissov remains the politician with the highest approval rating in the country and continues to lead President Rumen Radev, who, thanks to his position as head of state, has traditionally done well in that metric. Currently Borissov has a 38% approval rating, while Radev has 35%, which is the lowest rate for a president.

“The approval rating of the leader of the socialist party, Kornelia Ninova, has dropped to 8.8%,” Tonchev pointed out. He believes that the public is divided in the way it views the president’s actions. A comparison to the premier role shows a more serious rise in public confidence in the prime minister, 36% compared to 32% for the president.

Even though criticism directed towards institutions overall grew over the past month, the Ministry of Interior continues to enjoy the highest level of public expectations with an approval rating of 31%, according to Tonchev. However, the presidential institution recorded a fall to 31% from its normal levels of above 50%.

At the beginning of the crisis, when the emergency measures were being put into place, the approval rating of the ruling party hit extremely high levels. According to Tonchev, GERB continues to enjoy a comfortable lead over its main opponent, the Bulgarian Socialist Party – approval ratings of 22% and 11%, respectively.

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