Stoyana, stop lying about Peevski!

Godmother of fake news offers herself again - once she did it for the Commander, now for his illegitimate “son”, Ivo Prokopiev

Stoyana Georgieva

What is the weather outside? Look out of your window. And now visit the website of Mediapool and see what is written there. It would be no wonder if you find out that deep snow covers Bulgaria. One can expect anything of Stoyana Georgieva, the Godmother of fake news.

It all depends on Stoyana's mood. Especially when she comes to think about good old days, when she used to rub the back of her immediate commander - the former prime minister. To this day, Stoyana's heart melts as she remembers those wonderful times when her boss Ivan Kostov took notice of her youthful freshness. Today, the withering beauty of the one-time media concubine rather prompts the thoughts of distancing. That is why the Godmother of fake news who wants to reverse the irreversible flight of time is trying at all costs to offer herself again in order to curry favour with the Commander. Or, along with that, to render services to Kostov's illegitimate “son”, the oligarch Prokopiev, just to ensure continuity.

It is disgusting, but insofar as Stoyana cannot think of a better way for catching the attention of her favourite boss and his oligarchic offspring in her traditional pose, she is using her site as a couch on which she is stretching out seductively while telling yet another lie that will draw the praise of her boss.       

What can Stoyana lie about to impress him? As the former concubine has long been expended even in this capacity, and has no imagination left, she can always come out with some juicy lie about lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski. And how juicy a lie can be? Just as much as Stoyana herself. The rotten lie which she feeds to her master in the garb of fresh news is related to the Bulgarian Development Bank (BDR). To us the catch words are “according to unconfirmed information”. This is the shameful admission of shameless Stoyana. Nothing of what was posted on her site has been confirmed. And there is no need to go into such details. The more “unconfirmed”, the more it fits into the usual style of Mediapool. Just like that wondrous “statement” of the European Commission fabricated by Mediapool, according to which Brussels allegedly insisted that former Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov should resign. The present allegations by Stoyana that someone worked for a firm “tied to Peevski” are by far more conventional. According to unconfirmed information, Stoyana's master has long lost interest in her. Maybe his back feels better without her rubbing it, or maybe he is kept on a short leash now as the years have went by. So, Stoyana should not waste herself on favours in vain. According to confirmed information, oligarch Prokopiev has other worries on his mind. In other words, no one gives a damn about the “good lies” of the old girl.

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