Stoltenberg proposes update of NATO Strategic Concept

Photo: NATO Jens Stoltenberg.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg described as a “positive and stimulating” the discussion during the first day of the meeting of the Defence Ministers of the pact that started on Wednesday in Brussels.

At a news conference he told media that one of the topics on the menu was the NATO2030, the pact’s reform initiative that intends to make the transatlantic alliance fit for the future.

Among the proposals was a plan for strengthening deterrence and defence, by making sure that the pact incentivise allies to provide more capabilities for deterrence and defence activities at, or in, NATO territory.

Now, for instance, deterrence and defence activities like the battlegroups in the Baltic region or the Enhanced or the Forward Presence in the Black Sea region, air policing, maritime operations, standing naval forces, are provided by member countries and they also cover all the cost.

My proposal is that NATO should cover some of those costs, because that will demonstrate stronger commitment to our collective defence, to Article 5, to deterrence and defence, Stoltenberg said adding that this will incentivise allies to provide more capabilities, for air policing, battlegroups, standing naval forces, and it will mean fairer burden-sharing.

The NATO Secretary General said as well that he proposes for heads of state and government, when they meet later on this year, that they should agree to update the NATO Strategic Concept.

I do so because I think the time is right, he said explaining that the current Strategic Concept, even served well, was agreed in 2010 and “since then, the security environment we face has fundamentally changed”.

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