State Security created them, now it protects them

The shadowy clique activates former agents with a single push of a button

Tsvetan Vassilev, Ivo Prokopiev, Sasho Donchev and Ognyan Donev

The obscurantist communist-era agency called State Security is still alive today – it created the oligarchy and now it protects it. The United Front of Oligarchs and Agents is the new Fatherland Front (editor’s note – a coalition of parties formed in the 1940s). It uses a State Security matrix in a bid to capture Bulgaria in its spider web and put a stranglehold on it.

State Security used to not only give out briefcases full of money, but entire businesses in key sectors of the economy to the children and grandchildren of the communist nomenclature and its own network of agents. Nowadays, the oligarchy activates these operatives with a single push of a button, especially when those are called upon to manipulate society through the mainstream media machine of indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev.

State Security and the communist-era military intelligence – the Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Bulgarian Armed Forces – were the puppet masters of Bulgaria’s murky transition to democracy. During former PM Ivan Kostov’s term in office, the totalitarian security services had their Renaissance. One reason for that is rooted in the fact that the spiritual fathers of the so-called Commander of the murky transition period worked for State Security and the military intelligence, while he himself was a faithful of the regime’s ideology in his capacity as a lecturer in socialist political economy and someone trained in two Bulgarian Communist Party laboratories. During his 1997-2001 term, Kostov surrounded himself with former agents. The National Customs Agency was the undisputed leader in that regard, where 27 out of 63 former associates of the regime’s repressive state agencies on staff were elevated to management-level positions. Their number is several times bigger than hirings of former State Security agents at the Customs Agency under the other cabinets. Kostov’s government also leads the pack in the total number of people linked to those same repressive agencies who were nominated and hired as diplomats – of the 190 former agents appointed as diplomats, 70 got the job under Kostov’s cabinet.

The Commander created the oligarchs by handing them out control over natural monopolies and key industries. He gave indicted oligarchs Ivo Prokopiev and Ognyan Donev the mining company Kaolin and the pharmaceutical industry, respectively. Sasho Donchev was promoted to natural gas tycoon. But here is an important detail – Prokopiev’s parents and Donev’s father all served with the State Security. Might those generous gifts be reward for familial ties?

Sasho Donchev turned out to have been a communist director in the former USSR. Prominent heirs to communist families got to improve their lot in life tremendously thanks to the political projects engineered by Kostov. One example is failed former justice minister and noted grant recipient Hristo Ivanov, whose grandfather, Nedyalko Boykikev, was among the Soviet agents embedded in Berlin in the 1920s. Kostov personally appointed former agent Iliyan Vassilev as ambassador to Russia. Today, Agent Sasho of the State Security, as is his alias, clearly acts as a mouthpiece for the oligarch Vassil Bozhkov, who defrauded the state coffers out of BGN 700m, and the financial fraudster Tsvetan Vassilev, who syphoned BGN 5.6bn off of CorpBank through a pyramid scheme.

Because of Kostov, rooting out communism in Bulgaria remained nothing more than an election campaign pledge, while the lustration idea was effectively discarded. The goal is clear now – to make the vestiges of State Security the oligarchy’s new army.

Here is a rundown of who is who in this new matrix:

Agents embedded in Brussels

In keeping with the traditions of the State Security, the oligarchy has its agents embedded in the heart of the European Union – Brussels. One of them (Georgi Gotev) is permanently positioned there, while the other (Svetoslav Terziev) pops up for special missions – mostly to slander Bulgaria.

Gotev, who represents the latest generation of State Security agents in his family, used to write reports on foreign journalists who had accreditation to work in Bulgaria before the events of 10 November 1989. Soon after graduating, he received preferential treatment by getting a spot at the State Protocol Directorate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Just three years later he became a secret associate of the Second Main Directorate of State Security under the alias Ivanov. Evidence of Gotev’s involvement with the obscurantist State Security can be found in a registration form, a diary and two files. This avowed member of oligarch Ivo Prokopiev’s modern mainstream media machine continued to serve even after the events of 10 November 1989, which precipitated a regime change. Unfortunately, Agent Ivanov’s personal file was destroyed and so there is no way of finding out how many lives he ruined. However, history teaches us that State Security informers like him have no conscience. Today, Gotev poses as an “independent journalist” whilst serving as an instrument in the hands of indicted oligarchs such as Ivo Prokopiev. It is no coincidence that in his capacity as a publisher of and “service provider” for the oligarchy, Gotev lists Dnevnik and Sega, the online outlets of Prokopiev and the natural gas tycoon Sasho Donchev, as media partners. For their part, they readily disseminate every single one of his attempts to discredit Bulgaria.

Svetoslav Terziev has also had a long tenure with State Security. Recruited in 1980 as agent of the Sixth Main Directorate (known as the agency’s “ideological police”), in 1988 he started serving at the First Main Directorate as well, probably around the time he was sent to Paris as a correspondent for the BTA newswire. His work as a journalist and an agent was done under three identities – Philip, Kamenchev and Kamen. Nowadays, he is among the most loyal and long-tenured employees of the oligarch Sasho Donchev and his media outlet Sega. The readers of this newspaper, however, would be hard-pressed to figure out who wrote his articles – Svetoslav Terziev, Agent Philip or secret associate Kamen. As a lecturer at the Sofia University “St Kliment Ohridski”, Svetoslav Terziev is also the main agent of the Fake News Factory tasked with carrying out “ideological diversion” abroad. He expertly manipulates foreign students, feeding them the talking points formulated by the oligarchic bunch he serves. At the last roundtable discussion in Brussels, the Sega contributor even played the role of a guide to Teodor Zahov, co-publisher of Capital.

The informers Academician and Bogdan – two in one

What are the similarities and differences between TV journalist Veselin Dremdzhiev and the founder of the Frognews website Ognyan Stefanov, also known with his pseudonyms Dr. Dimitar Popkutuev, Biser Petkov and Lachezar Stoev? They both belong to the chorus of former State Security agents who try to defame lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski every time they are activated by fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev from his hiding place in Belgrade. Dremdzhiev has a history with the Sixth Main Directorate dating back to 1985. His contribution as an agent of that directorate, which was responsible for fighting ideological diversion and other subversive activities among the youth and the sports world, Bulgarian and foreign students, post-graduate students and lecturers, was more specifically for Department 02 , which was tasked with “hostile activities” among the youth of the country and in the international youth and sports exchange.

Ognyan Stefanov became Agent Academician of the State Security in 1980, when he was officially serving as an officer of the Bulgarian Armed Forces, which did not deter him from keeping a spot where agents met secretly.

Spy in the US, friend of the US

Socialist lawmaker Rumen Gechev, former vice-PM and minister of economy in the cabinet of Zhan Videnov and one of the main contributors to the massive 1996 crisis, used to operate as a spy in the US back in the day. Now he is on the National Assembly group for friendship with the US Congress. His dark past as an agent was exposed by the Commission for Disclosure of Documents and Announcing Affiliation of Bulgarian Citizens with the State Security, commonly known as Commission for Dossiers. Gechev was a secret associate (agent) of the First Main Directorate of State Security under the alias Ekonomov. He was a member of the Bulgarian Communist Party. He was also on the staff of the machine churning out party members – the Komsomol. His personal file is scandalous because while attending and specialising at the Illinois State University on a Fulbright scholarship, he spied on not only his adviser, but other lecturers as well. The First main Directorate got so much top-secret information from Ekonomov that it sought assistance from the KGB through Iskra (editor’s note – the information system of the counterintelligence). Gechev reported until April 1991. Not even the collapse of the communist regime changed his attitude towards State Security.

Agent Yakov at the battlement

Despite his English-lord, retro look, self-proclaimed financier Kolyo Paramov cannot fool anyone into thinking that he has any sort of rudiments of nobleness. He is one of the servants of fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev. It would better suit him to don a livery and polish the gangster’s silverware. Even though he presents himself as a financier, Paramov never read finance at university. He studied economic geography at the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohrdiski”. His political career was mentored by former PM Andrey Lukanov. In 1979 Paramov was recruited to be a part-time resident agent for the Border Armed Forces Directorate of State Security. He headed a group of 5 to 15 informers. If his file had not been destroyed, we would be able to read about the ruined lives of people who had the impudence of sharing with him or his agents their plans for escape to Greece. Today, he is back on the battlement and carries out the orders of Tsvetan Vassilev.

The spiritual fathers of Kostov – secret agents

Nowadays, former PM Ivan Kostov would like us to see him as an anti-communist and a reclusive scholar. Like those of the nomenclature, he hails from a communist family. His family tree boasts communist terrorist and Soviet agent Stanke Dimitrov-Marek. His maternal grandfather even sold property to send Marek to the USSR. Kostov was trained by two Bulgarian Communist Party laboratories that serve the regime’s political elite. His spiritual fathers – professors Stoyadin Savov and Lalyu Radulov – worked for the First Main Directorate of State Security and the military intelligence. Kostov not only installed the modern oligarchy, but appointed 15 former agents to key government positions during his term in office. Two of them served as his advisers – Mihail Mihaylov (Agent Peshko of the Sixth Main Directorate) and State Security officer Veselin Balevski. Kostov does not like to remember the two Soviet stints in his life – attending the pilot academy in the Ukrainian city of Kremenchug and specialising at the Institute for Advanced Training at the Moscow State University, where his adviser was communist ideologist Prof. Vladimir Kamaev.

Donev’s father swore fealty to FMD three times

Similar to Prokopiev’s father, who was a regular officer for State Security, pharmaceutical tycoon Ognyan Donev’s father worked for the agency as well. The difference is that Ivan Donev, who used the alias Antonov, was a secret associate (agent) for the First Main Directorate (FMD) in Austria and Germany. How does Donev explain to his Austrian and German business partners that back in the day his father spied the two governments for 20 years, gathering top-secret information about them. Donev’s father swore fealty to State Security three times and worked under the guise of a sales representative. He was the only FMD secret associate in Northern Germany. However, Ognyan Donev has a cleaned-up biography, similar to his mentor, Ivan Kostov. He desperately hides a period of about 14 years, in which he served as Council of Ministers adviser to the second-in-command of the governing body of the Bulgarian Communist Party – Ognyan Doynov, who was in charge of the communist funding spent abroad. Now Donev’s online outlet Club Z is part of the Fake News Factory of Ivo Prokopiev’s mainstream media machine.

Pinocchio - the Boykikevs family heir

If you come to know by chance that someone pretends to be left-wing orientated, you should know that he is actually red-wing not only in his blood, but also in his biography and family tree. This is true in full force for the failed minister of justice Hristo Ivanov, who is currently a strawman leader of the oligarchy-supported GMO party – Yes, Bulgaria, as well as a loyal soldier of the behind-the-scenes clique. The so-called “leader of the city right” is working hard to hide his communist roots, but there are eloquent facts – he originates from the Boykikevs, which is a strongly nomenclature family. Hristo Ivanov's grandfather, Nedyalko Boykikev was one of the most orthodox communists, immigrating to Berlin in the early 1920s. He was taking part in propaganda campaigns, which were part of the activities of the Soviet intelligence in Bulgaria and Europe. Ivanov's mother, Maria Boykikeva, was born in Moscow. She, together with his grandmother, Svetlana, arrived in Bulgaria along with the Red Army. The little girl Maria was sent to study at the elite school of the USSR Embassy in Bulgaria. After graduating the specialty Philosophy at Sofia University, she became head of the key ideological department at the Science and Art publishing house. Considering his background details, it is not strange that Hristo Ivanov is doing his best to hide his nomenclature dependencies. As much as the lover of truth Pinocchio would like to forget them, they cannot be forgotten, because unfortunately, they dictate all his actions.

Agent Sasho and Dragan - serving the oligarchs

Until recently an active servant of the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev, the former ambassador to Russia from 2000 to 2006 Iliyan Vassilev, who these days presents himself as a Russophobe, offered his services to a second oligarch in trouble with the justice system. Thus, he is available now at any time for producing fake news items, both in favour of Tsvetan Vassilev and Vasil Bozhkov.

He is the only valuable staff member of the former State Security who enjoys two agent names – Sasho and Dragan. His relationship with the secret agency dates back to February 1988, when he dedicatedly declared that he wanted to cooperate on "ideological, moral and political grounds". However, the archived documents show that he had even earlier relationship with the State Security and the Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff.

In 1981-1990 he was an associate in the International Department of the Bulgarian Agrarian National Union, but he never managed to make a brilliant political career, nor that time, neither later due to incompetence. Conversely, he has an extra activity in concocting fake news items aiming to serve the oligarchs’ interests.

The Prokopievs - dressing according to former State Security

The whole family of the indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev, who rules the mainstream media machine in Bulgaria and floods society with fake news items through his publications Capital, Dnevnik and their affiliate sites, originates from the former security services. His father, Georgi Prokopiev, was an officer in the former Directorate for Security and Protection (Fifth Directorate) with State Security. He was promoted to the rank of captain and to director of the former communist dictator Todor Zhivkov's favourite hunting ground Voden. His mother was self-employed in the same directorate. His brother Alexander worked for some time in the National Security Service, which presents a successor of the Second Main Directorate of State Security – the counter-intelligence of the totalitarian regime. Probably he would have worked for State Security as well, if this obscurant service had not closed. Today, Prokopiev's websites criticize State Security, but the latter fed his family for a long time. Prokopiev was gifted lucrative assets by former PM Ivan Kostov, such as the winery Damianitza and the mining company Kaolin AD, namely because of his parents. Currently, he is on trial for the EVN affair, defrauding the state out of over BGN 20m. He is also accused of money laundering for money gained through Kaolin. Bulgaria's Anti-Corruption Commission for Illegal Assets Forfeiture (ACCIAF) levied a distrain of assets worth BGN 200m owned by him and his wife, while his affiliate NGO Reporters Without Borders felt sorry for him in a letter and, something more – attacked the Commission’s decision.

Under the wing of Gazprom

There is a Bulgarian saying that “Every uncle has his uncle”. In the case of the oligarch-publisher Sasho Donchev, the senior uncle does not come from the Bulgarian State Security, he is a Russian. To be more precise – he is one of the founders of the Russian natural gas giant Gazprom, namely Rem Vyakhirev. Sasho Donchev was introduced to Vyakhirev by good fortune in the late 1970s. There is now idea how and why Sasho Donchev – this ordinary boy coming from the town of Yambol – landed on the student bench of the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas in Moscow, which university was otherwise closed for the common people. There he met Yuri Vyakhirev and his father – the omnipotent Rem. This acquaintance led them later to a tandem, which was damaging the interests of the Bulgarian state for decades and taking out of the pockets of Bulgarian the last penny. We are talking about the Overgas duo – it started in the early 1990's and ended with a slap in the face half a century later (this is the gas company of the publisher of the Sega newspaper Sasho Donchev) – Gazprom. Although being a Bulgarian company in this duo, Overgas has always taken the Russian side, according to witnesses of the gas talks between our country and Moscow (Kremlin). In turn, Donchev was given the opportunity for decades to sell Russian gas at three or even four times higher price than his purchase price. And he continued to do so, until he was fired in his role as a mediator in 2013. Anyone would hardly wonder why Donchev and his media outlets are trying so fiercely to undermine the state. There are literally billions of reasons.

Agent Ana Hranova - in the avant-garde for the fugitive banker

Vera Ahundova, who is in the avant-garde of the Bulgarian Madoff’s public defenders, is amongst record-holders when it comes to disclosures by the Commission for Dossiers. She has been exposed eight times as Agent Ana Hranova of the Sixth Directorate (the communist regime’s political police). The first time was when she appeared as a head of department in the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism. The remaining seven times are even more interesting because they show that Ahundova was a proven credit millionaire in her capacity as member of the Board of Directors of the failed oil refinery Plama in the city of Pleven. The infamous woman defrauded a whopping seven lenders. The combined principal on these loans is tens of millions of levs (before the redenomination of the Bulgarian currency), not counting interests and documentation accompanying the Commission for Dossiers’s decisions reveals. The registration forms show that Ahundova was recruited by the State Security under her maiden name Vera Hristova Hristova and was a very valuable agent in the combat against ideological diversion and actions intended to subvert the totalitarian regime.   

The spy of Reshetnikov and Malofeev

Nikolay Malinov – former Bulgarian Socialist Party lawmaker and current chairperson of National Movement “Russophiles” became the first person charged with crimes against the republic for espionage. In favour of Russia. The scandal in our country at the end of 2019 proved the ultimate goal of this behind-the-scenes network created by the former State Security – to keep our society captive after the transition to democracy and to pull its purse strings in favour of their mentors from Moscow. Malinov proved to play a key role in this network – the engine of the so-called Plan Bulgaria, inspired by pro-Kremlin oligarch Konstantin Malofeev and the Soviet GRU agent Gen. Leonid Reshetnikov – in order to change Bulgaria's Euro-Atlantic orientation and make the country a satellite of Russia again. The implementation of this plan in question had to be financed with the few real, but at the same time lucrative, assets worth BGN 1bn, financed by Corpbank, which assets the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev tried several times to steal under the nose of the state during the secondary plundering of the bankrupt bank. The list, compiled by Vassilev and Malinov for implementation of Malofeev and Reshetnikov's plan, included Dunarit, BTC and another half a dozen key assets.

NATO secrets targeted

Two people are busily stealing NATO secrets and leaking them to the obscurantist State Security, its Kremlin cronies and the Bulgarian oligarchy. Boyko Noev, former minister of defence in Kostov’s cabinet, and arms dealer Emiliyan Gebrev for years have been “developing” the military branch of the behind-the-scenes clique in Bulgaria. The two are deeply connected and have the same origins story as former communists – both Noev and Gebrev belong to the ranks of the communist intelligence assessment. The arms dealer betrayed the fact that he had a State Security file by filing a lawsuit with the Supreme Administrative Court. Noev, however, is yet to be publicly outed as a former agent. In 2001, as minister of defence he restored Gebrev’s licence, of which he had been stripped following the seizure of a Nicaragua-bound arms shipment by the US customs authorities. These days, Noev has a new role too – a consultant on conspiracy theories. Until 2014 he also worked for Tsvetan Vassilev in an official capacity (editor’s note – in Bromak, which is a majority shareholder in CorpBank). The visitor logs of the fugitive banker showed that the former defence minister visited Vassilev’s office quite a few times, despite his claims that the two of them do not know each other. Gebrev is also on Vassilev’s team and serves as the oligarchy’s strawman in the military plant Dunarit, which twice became the target of secondary plundering efforts by Tsvetan Vassilev and his Russian mentor, oligarch Konstantin Malofeev. The plant is invaluable to the Kremlin because it takes in orders for equipment with NATO specifications, which means it has all the information about the alliance’s standards as well as data about the orders carried out not only by Bulgaria, but the rest of the Member States. A scheme for stealing NATO secrets and leaking them to the oligarchy was also busted as part of an investigation into the Defence Information Service. As it turned out, the shadowy clique used the agency to their personal benefit by running it through their puppets Boyko Noev and Rumyana Bachvarova, the latter of whom played the role of the Capital circle’s political mole in the GERB government.


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