State of epidemic emergency extended until 31 July

Photo: BGNES

The Council of Ministers has made a decision to extend the declared state of epidemic emergency, which was set to expire on 1 June, until 31 July 2021, the cabinet’s press office announced.

According to European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control data for the latest available 14-day monitoring period (26 April – 9 May), the rate of Covid-19 new cases in Member States of the European Union/ European Economic Area is 277.27 per a population of 100,000 on average, with numbers in 11 countries exceeding the EU average. The 14-day mortality rate for the same period is 5.56 per population of 100,000, with numbers in 11 countries exceeding the EU average

Despite the decreasing rate of new Covid-19 cases in Bulgaria, the spread of the novel coronavirus continues to affect all areas of the country. Cases are being diagnosed among people of all age groups, while the mortality rate remains highest among the oldest population. As of 9 May, Bulgaria ranks 11th worldwide in 14-day mortality rate.   

Vaccination efforts in the EU have so far resulted in 14.1% of the population fully vaccinated and 35.5% with one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine administered. As of 15 May, 1,112,950 vaccine shots have been put into arms in Bulgaria, resulting in 6.3% of the country’s population being fully vaccinated and 11.7% having received one does.

Health requirements for entry into Bulgaria are staying in place, and restrictions on access to the country need to be introduced in order to help reduce the risk of spread of the new coronavirus variants. 

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